Parcels delay because of Covid-2019

Recent so many parcels (including EMS, Eyoubao, Chinese AIR, SAL, Singapore Airmail and even DHL and Fedex) have seriously delay due to Covid-2019. At the height of the epidemic, China’s outbound flights were only 1.2% of normal. Yes, you read that right, a 98% decrease at least. There is a large number of packages waiting in line to leave China at major airports.

To be honest, we can understand you totally for expecting of the parcels and we are anxious for the epidemic to pass quickly and hope you can receive the package soon. However, the current situation is beyond our control. In this blog, we will provide some information to help you understand the current situation and what we can do for you and what are out of our control, hopefully to help you.

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How to Buy Lolita From Xianyu and Taobao?

As a lolita fans, do you ever buy lolita from Xianyu(闲鱼) and Taobao? As is known that Japan and China are the two countries that export lolita most. If you ever buy lolita from China, then Taobao and Tmall are the most hot online shopping platforms you can not miss. If you come from other countries outside of China, most probably you need a Taobao agent with the purchasing and shipping, such as 42agent.

Why you need a Taobao agent to buy lolita dress from China?

1)Chinese language. Almost all Taobao and Tmall sellers only understand Chinese. So if you do know this language, then it will be a problem in communication and consult.

2)Taobao/Tmall sellers only accept RMB payment on alipay, but you can pay USD/EURO/HKD or other currencies to Taobao agents.

3)Feel tough on time difference in communication with Taobao sellers? No worry at all, 42agent can help you deal with all. Read More

Shunfeng Service Introduction

Shufeng shipping, also simply known as SF shipping,  is a new international shipping way for your Taobao online shipping. 42agent’s first cooperation negotiation with Shunfeng (use SF instead in the blog) was from September of last year 2017. However, it failed finally, because there are many restrictions on goods export, and too complicated on declaration. The most important is that, their quotation is unsuitable for our customers, so we did not agree to the coppertion.

Then, in June of this year 2018, SF came to our office again with sincerity seeking for cooperation. Their operation is mature and simpler this time. We started the cooperation after discussing all details.

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