How to Provide Costumes Size?

How to provide costumes size? how do I get suitable size? Could you please translate the size chart for me? These are common questions asked by our customers who buy custom sizing cosplay costumes from China Taobao.

This article will resolve your confusion and help you save time if you usually buy cosplay from Taobao costume store. Now, let’s begin.

General cosplay costumes

Usually, we can get costumes size chart on items web-page for reference, but the problem is that some Taobao sellers put size chart as a picture. As a result, it’s impossible for customers to translate even if they are on Taobao English page. 

Please don’t worry, it will be easier if you can learn and know the following Chinese characters.

性别(xìng bié)- Gender

身高(shēn gāo) – Height

体重(tǐ zhòng)- Weight

胸围(xiōng wéi) – Bust/chest

腰围(yāo wéi)- Waist

臀围(tún wéi) – Hips

肩宽( jiān kuān) – Shoulder width

男 (nán) – Male

女 (nǚ) – Female

Generally, for some very special and complicated made costumes, you may find more information from size chart. For common cosplay costumes, you can only care about the 7 most important measurements mentioned above.

What? It is a bit difficult. Well, this is indeed a big problem as you may find some measurements fit you but the rest not. Now, let’s make it simple. If you want seller to recommend costumes size, please note us your height and weight when you place order. In China, sellers usually provide recommendation only according to the 2 pieces of information. However, some sellers will not give a hand to you. Why? They are afraid that the item will be returned or we apply for refund if you find the item is unsuitable in fact.

In addition, what we need to mention is that, different sellers have different size standards in China. So, you have to pay more attention to each type of clothes and even pay attention to the cloth material. And often, size table on seller web-page is measured by hands, it can have 1-3 cm difference.

Customized Cosplay

After discussing general cosplay clothes, you may have this question – how about customized clothes? What size information should I provide if I want to buy plus size cosplay? And how to measure properly for costumes size?

In order to speed your order process, we kindly advise you to remark your detailed measurement when placing order.  Not too much, the main size is OK, including gender, height, weight, chest/bust, waist, hips, shoulder width. If there is sleeve on the costumes, also please provide sleeve length, arm circumference, and wrist circumference. We will reply you under the item, or mail you directly if seller has special requirement. 90% cases just need 7 main measurements. Sure, we will still appreciate if you are willing to provide more information as it can help tailor during making, especially for plus size costumes.

Now let’s introduce you the correct measuring way. Firstly, please prepare a soft tape, and then measure as per the following picture. Make sure that when you circle your chest, waist, hips or others, the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose.



Except 7 main sizes, the following measurements are often used for some costumes:

Arm circumference

Forearm circumference

Wrist circumference (circumference of waistline)

Sleeve/arm length (from shoulder to wrist)

Pants/leg length (from waist to ankle)

Inseam (from crotch to ankle)

Thigh circumference

Calf circumference

Ankle circumference

Neck circumference

You can remark us as from … to … (such as from shoulder to wrist), if you are afraid of causing error or misunderstanding.

Finally, please provide weight by KG (kilogram) and other measurements by CM (centimeters). This will make everything simple, as most Chinese sellers are used to KG and CM, but not familiar with inch or lbs. What’s important, it can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Hope this blog about costume size is helpful to you. We do hope every customer can receive their costumes in perfect size. If you are new to Taobao and want help with good cosplay stores, you can check the other blog about reliable cosplay costume store .

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    1. Generally, different item or seller has different size standard. So, in order to avoid mistake on size option, it will be better if you could note us height and weight when placing order. Then we can confirm with seller the suitable item for you. 🙂

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