How to Buy Used goods from Taobao Xianyu?

Have you ever went to flea market, and was it an interesting experience? Do you often think of some books you have read, or various toys you have played? Do you want to collect some items, or maybe memories? If your answer is yes, we hope this article about Xianyu shopping is your best choice.

Used Goods(

What can You do with Xianyu (闲鱼)?

Xianyu(闲鱼) is one of the platforms owned by Alibaba, and it mainly for the deal of second hand items. It can be logged in through Alipay or Taobao account straightly. You may search and buy used goods from Taobao Xianyu that you are interested in. Or if you have any spare goods, you can publish and sell here.

Besides, we found one new function – purchasing requirement. Let’s take Lolita dress as an example. If you missed the reserve time unfortunately, you can release your detailed request. Such as color, size, and photos. If you encounter someone who is going to sell her dress luckily, she will contact with you directly.

Latest Adjustment

From July-August, closed all of their laptop services.

Searching: It is unable to search items by computer now. It only can be checked and viewed as per their category. (same as following Xianyu photo)

Contacting: If you want to purchase one commodity and go to contact the seller for more details, you only can use their mobile app. If you continue to use laptop, they will mention you the service has closed, and remind you to download their app.

Purchasing: From August, you have to pass real name authentication before purchasing.  And the only tool for purchase is phone.

In simple, you only can check item details on laptop. But if you want to operate more, please use mobile.

How to Check Xianyu Seller Information?

1. Click on the item page.

2. “已认证” means real name authentication.

How to Contact with the Seller / Purchase Item?

1. Stepping into the item page. Click “我想要”.

2. Then, you can talk to the seller or purchase the item directly.

How to Share the 闲鱼 Seller to Friend?

1. Click the right corner button.

2. Same as share item, you can choose different sharing methods.

How to Collect Items?

Click “收藏” when you find items you are insterested, but not purchase right away. And you can check them in your list later.

How to Get / Share Item Link?

1. Stepping into item page, and choose “button” as following picture.

2. Choose different share tool suitable for you.

淘口令(Taobao Word): 快来捡漏【lovelive觉醒小恶魔高坂穗乃果cos服】 复制这条消息¥nLHvYgZ0MJJ¥后打开闲鱼

Copy the Taobao word and send to your friends, they can copy it and check item on App.

二维码(QR Code):

复制链接(Copy Link):

Then you will get link as following. This link can be used and placed order at our platform directly.

How to deal with if grab failed at 42agent?

Generally, our platform is unable to showing sellers’ name, photo, item title and option if you place order by link. Please rest assured, we will solve for you. But thanks in advance, it will be better if you could remark us your requirement in details. So that we can confirm with sellers soon. It saves time, and you can purchase and get those items earlier too.

Afterwards, we will share the steps of various platforms aperiodically. We do hope can help you.

More details about Taobao App, you can check:

21 thoughts to “How to Buy Used goods from Taobao Xianyu?”

    1. Sure., we can arrange items to your house directly. You can place order freely, then we will arrange shipment when items arriving at our warehouse.

  1. Hello, question regarding taobao used item from ww., if the seller is problematic or a fraud eg: does not deliver item, do Taobaoring take responsibility for the loss.


    1. Order will be tracked after purchasing, we will contact with seller or apply for refund right away if any problem. And in fact, all transaction on protected by Taobao as well. 🙂

    1. Yes. We purchased from always. Item and other details will be confirmed before purchasing, and we will keep track after purchasing. So, it is safe.

  2. Hello, I am trying to use the Xianyu app on my phone, but I can’t seem to be able to search or browse. It seems it wants me to log in but it is not accepting my Taobao login information. Can you help? Thank you.

    1. Actually Xianyu is the second-hand marketplace of Taobao, so you can login with your Taobao account. Could you please try it again? as it’s acceptable.

    1. Do you mean that you are not able to chat with the sellers or you can leave them message but did not get any reply?
      If you can not chat, you can download APP 闲鱼 and find the item you want then chat with them by clicking on “留言”. If you can leave message but did not get reply, that’s the sellers’ problem as many of them are not online everyday, so you need to wait or swith to other sellers.

  3. is it possible for you to only pay for the items that i want to buy at Xianyu but the shipping goes to my forwarder warehouse in china?

    1. Yes, you can buy from Xianyu with 42agent service, but have the parcel shipped by your forwarder warehouse in China. When you place order, you can leave the address of your forwarder. We can ask Xianyu seller to send parcel to your forwarder directly or ship to us first, then we do quality checking for you, then we send the parcel to your forwarder. Both are OK, only difference is you pay one more delivery fee from our office to your forwarder if you have the items sent to us first.

  4. When I try to chat with sellers, it says that I cannot and I need to check account violations, but when I do it says I have no account violations?


    1. It may be because of your account not makes the real name authentication yet. Xianyu doesn’t allow to speak with sellers if you not make the real name authentication. So you can make the real name authentication first and try again to talk with the seller.

  5. How to make search of interested items nowadays at Xianyu?
    Some time ago my account has been blocked. And i can not register any new one using non-chineese number.
    So i am totally locked and can not find anything to get link.

    1. To be honest, I’m not sure why your account can’t search for items. I checked with Xianyu service, it is better to provide the searching screenshot and your user name, then they can have a check the detail reason for us. And if possible please tell me the blocked reason, I will check with the Xianyu service for how to get it un-blocked. You can contact [email protected] directly. Thank you!

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