How to Buy Lolita From Xianyu and Taobao?

As a lolita fans, do you ever buy lolita from Xianyu(闲鱼) and Taobao? As is known that Japan and China are the two countries that export lolita most. If you ever buy lolita from China, then Taobao and Tmall are the most hot online shopping platforms you can not miss. If you come from other countries outside of China, most probably you need a Taobao agent with the purchasing and shipping, such as 42agent.

Why you need a Taobao agent to buy lolita dress from China?

1)Chinese language. Almost all Taobao and Tmall sellers only understand Chinese. So if you do know this language, then it will be a problem in communication and consult.

2)Taobao/Tmall sellers only accept RMB payment on alipay, but you can pay USD/EURO/HKD or other currencies to Taobao agents.

3)Feel tough on time difference in communication with Taobao sellers? No worry at all, 42agent can help you deal with all.4)For many lolita dresses, there always come with many accessories, such as hand cuffs, necklaces, KC, stockings, rings, waist bands, etc. If you have seller sent directly to you but find some are sent wrong or missing, then it’s hard to change, as the international fee is really high. But a Taobao agent will help you with quality checking, and will handle all such problems before the package is sent to you.

5)Some lolita dress need pre-order or import from Japan, and Taobao agents can always help with Chinese customs when the dresses are stuck at China customs office.

On Taobao pages, you can find some lolita dresses are produced in China, but some are import from Japan. Some sellers have these dresses in stock, some may need pre-order. No matter what kind of order, 42agent will handle for you smoothly. After you submit the order, 42agent will confirm with sellers about delivery time, and any details about the dress.

Besides Taobao and Tmall lolita, 42agent can also help you buy lolita from Xianyu, which is the second hand shopping market of Taobao. Xianyu has website version and website is, but you can only browse items on website. If you want to place order or get contact with Xianyu seller, you need to download Xianyu(闲鱼) APP. In lolita field, you know that many lolita series are sold in limited edition. If you miss the chance to get a new one, then you can switch to Xianyu platform for second hand one. Actually many lolita on Xianyu are also brand new even with hanging brand logo attached. Then how to buy lolita from Xianyu with Taobao agent 42agent? The process is as follows:

1) Download the Xianyu APP, and the Chinese name is “闲鱼”.

download xianyu app

2)Register an account on it. If you already have Taobao account, then you can use your Taobao account to login to Xianyu directly.

3)Input keywords to search. You can input either Chinese or English keywords. For example, you can put keyword of “伊里斯洋伞”, and you will see all related items come out. Then click into the one you like.

xianyu search
search on Xianyu

4)Then you will come to the detailed item page, click the 3 dots on the up right cornor of the page.

xianyu lolita
buy lolita on Xianyu

5)Click the middle icon on the second row in the pop-up windows, which means copy the item link. Then you get the item link.

xianyu item link
get item link from Xianyu

6)Use this link to place order on 42agent website, and just follow the normal order process is OK. For more info, please refer to 42agent order process.

For more info during purchasing from Xianyu, you can also refer to this 42agent blog, How to order used items on .

One kind reminder is Xianyu is second hand online shopping market of Taobao, so all items can not be changed or returned once we buy it, so please be noted before you make payment for these orders. Wish all of you get the lolita you want, and welcome to join 42agent for a wonderful Chinese online shopping. 🙂

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  1. I am unable to chat with the seller on xianyu could u help me ? I’ve already registered an account on xianyu

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