Deeply Analysis of Taobao Agent Fee

Did you ever use a Taobao agent for China shopping and are you clear about Taobao agent fee?

It can be confusing for some beginners, but the following picture will help you understand better, as most Taobao agent fee are in this format.


As above picture, our payment includes 2 parts: 1st payment and 2nd payment. Too many cost projects and still not very clear, right?

Well, let’s make a long story short and explain details for you.

1. The 1st payment : item cost + domestic shipping + service fee

Item cost: It’s item price. We will update each item’s price carefully when confirming order. About this cost part, there are 2 points you need to pay attention to.

Firstly, you may find the item’s price you grab at our platform is not the same with sellers price. Do not worry, there are several reasons leading to this. This item may be from Tmall,  Taobao ershou/second hand market, or, or  other China websites. Our system can not grasp correct price but we will fix this soon in near future. Or some temporary problems occurs to the seller’s page, so it does not show price correctly. No matter what reason, please do not worry at all, as we will update each commodity’s price when processing your order. Your order can be edited before making 1st payment, by adding or deleting according to your will and budget.

Secondly, sometimes the price you see on sellers page is not final price. On the same page, different options can lead to different price. When you meet such item page, you need to click both your wanted color and size to get the right quotation.

For example, when you click into this following women blouse page, you will see a price of 29.9yuan.

taobao agent fee-1

However, after you choose a color option and size M, it will show price of 56yuan for this option.

taobaoring agent fee-2

Then you change to another color option with size M, price changes, too.

Taobaoring agent fee-3

Domestic shipping: This is seller’s delivery fee from their office to our warehouse. Our basic domestic shipping fee is 15cny for the first kilogram.

Service fee: our minimum commission is 30cny, and generally it is (item cost + domestic shipping) * 8%. Each year in some festival or sales season, we will have commission promotion, so that you can enjoy lower commission.

2. The 2nd payment: Only international shipping cost, but it’s also a very important part in Taobao agent fee. This depends on parcel weight, your destination country and shipping method you choose. Before you place the order, you can pre-calculate shipping fee on our site here.

Though the 2nd payment only involves international shipping, you still need to pay attention to the following tips.

You may think of insurance fee. To be honest, usually this is not needed as all our shipping methods are very safe. However, anything can happen during transit, so you can buy insurance for your parcel. Insurance fee is 5%*(first payment+second payment).

Besides all shipping methods you find in our calculator, we also provide DHL / Fedex / Aramex. The reason we do not put them in our calculator is that volumetric weight is also involved besides actual parcel weight. The final shipping fee will based on the higher one between actual weight and volume weight. The mostly used is DHL, and its volume weight is calculated as length*width*height/5000.

We will balance any debt or refund from your international shipping cost.

Commodity debt: for example,  you paid 400cny for a costumes, but when we purchase it, seller informs us it should be 450cny with tailoring fee. Under this condition, we will email you about it. If you still want it, we will add extra 50cny to your 2nd payment.

Commodity refund: It is easy, such as no after paid items – the items go out of stock after your first payment. Then we will refund you from shipping, including both item price and our service fee.

Hope this analysis helps you figure out all details of Taobao agent fee. 42agent is honest and transparent on all fees, no hidden fee in our company!


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