2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule

Dear friends,

The 2023 Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is coming soon, we will be off duty from January 18th to January 28th , and will come back to work on January 29th (Sunday). Almost all companies in China will be off duty for holiday, including Taobao sellers and domestic delivery companies. The order processing will be suspended during the holiday. Our holiday schedule is as follows and you can arrange your orders in advance.

From January 16th, we will stop confirming orders. All orders placed before January 16th can still be confirmed. For some custom-made cosplay orders which take a long time to make, we can also confirm but will ship after this big holiday.

We can support to split orders to ship. If you have an order with us and you want to ship the arrived items first, please feel free to contact us before January 16th, then we will arrange for you in time.

On January 17th(our last working day before the holiday), we will arrange the last shipment. Only orders paid shipping before 3 p.m on January 17th can be sent before the holiday, otherwise we can only ship after the holiday. 

All the orders can be placed as usual on our website here https://www.42agent.com, and all emails & messages can be sent as usual during our holidays. We have online staff to process your orders & emails & messages & purchasing during our holiday, but the international shipment can only be arranged when we come back on January 29th.

For the shipped out parcels, there may be some delay due to Covid-19 or returned from Chinese customs. Please don’t worry about it, you can send email to us and we will check for you soon when we are available.

Sorry for any delay or inconvenience caused because of the big holiday. Thanks for your kind understanding and supporting! 

Wish you and your family a good health and good luck with you in the new Year!