Pre-order Items Purchasing

Pre-order model is very popular. Let’s talk about pre-order items details.

Can I Buy Pre-order Items?

We can buy pre-order items, and you can place order directly.

Generally, we will note clients the price of commodities, and estimate making time when updating order. As the following photos.

Sales Classification

According to our experience, pre-order products are divided into two categories, full price pre-order and deposits + balance.

Full Price Pre-order

It need to pay the seller with full price directly, then waiting for shipment is ok. It is same as general items purchase, but making time is longer.

Pre-order with 2 Parts(Deposit + Balance)

It need to pay the seller deposit firstly.  When the item is going to finish, the seller will inform us to pay balance. And the product will ship out within 7-15 days after pay balance.

  • We will keep track ourselves always according to estimate delivery time after making deposit. It will not miss balance payment.

How to Pay Pre-order Items(Deposit + Balance)?

When confirming the order, we will update item’s price with full quotation. In simple, the 1st payment include with item’s deposit + item’s balance + service fee + domestic shipping fee. It can saves time and transfer charge.

  • Special note. On items which not sure on balance when reserving, or you are unable to afford full price one time. We will add balance together with 2nd payment. Or inform clients to pay the balance before we pay the seller.

Are pre-orders cheaper?

Firstly, it is lucky if you can buy items after missing reserve. Generally, the seller will make items as per deposit quantity. If some clients have reserved items but have not pay balance, then the seller will sell items as stock price. Under the circumstances, the price will higher than pre-order(about 100-300 cny or higher), and not all colors or sizes has in stock.

In total. The pre-order model can help customers buy the goods they want and share the economic pressure. It is flexible.

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      1. If you buy on Taobao by yourself, you need to pay deposit first, and when the seller releases balance you can pay it and seller will ship the item. If you buy from our website, you can pay in full price in one time. We will pay to Taobao seller deposit first and pay them balance once it is released.Please feel free to contact service@42agent,com if you have any more questions. 🙂

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