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42agent is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

I always place my orders with 42agent and they always make a excellent work. Fast and perfect customer service. My order arrived perfectly and in short time. Thank you!

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42agent.com Introduction

Benefits for Merchant
Dropship support
Import orders from CSV file
Quick check buttons
Remove tags/labels for free
Our Services
Shop For Me
Ship For Me
Free package consolidation
Why Choose 42agent?
No hidden fee
Save up to 45% on shipping
Free photo taking
One year of free storage
What Can We Help You?
  • Low shipping rates for your budget bottom line.
  • Packages consolidation, repack, split and more.
  • Shop from over 1million Chinese retailers & suppliers.
  • Additional discounts for qualified high-volume customers.
  • Expand your business to international customers via 42agent Dropship.
We're Good at
  • Patient and fast customer service.
  • Fluent communication in English
  • Communicate complex cosplay customization.
  • Solve after-sale problems before ship to you.
  • Super easy to use inventory managements system.
  • Give suggestion to help you save money.
  • Well packing for fragile or irregular goods to reduce damage.

Classic 6 Steps ShopForMe Service

42agent Emoji n-1  Select Products
From Taobao, 1688 etc.
42agent Emoji n-2  Confirm with Sellers
About color, size, custom cycle, etc.
42agent Emoji n-3  Make 1st Payment
include items costs,
domestic delivery fee,
and service fee(6% ~ 8%)
42agent Emoji n-4  Shop For You
Check items one by one.
Take photos for items.
Consolidate parcels to one.
42agent Emoji n-5  Make 2nd Payment
for International shipping
EMS with 45% discount
42agent Emoji n-6  Ship For You
EMS, eYoubao, Airmail, SAL
DHL, Fedex, etc.

Ship For Me Service

42agent Emoji n-1  Shop by Yourself
Ship to 42agent warehouse address
42agent Emoji n-2  Check & Pack
Take photos for free
42agent Emoji n-3  Make payment
PayPal, Western Uniont, etc.
42agent Emoji n-4  Ship for You
EMS, Airmail, SAL, DHL, etc.

Hot selling items

42agent Modao zushi

MoDao Zushi | mall.video.qq.com

Shop For Me from

42agent https://mall.video.qq.com/
Magic Road ancestor animation genuine surrounding 2020 calendar exclusive gift postcard - tmall.com Tmall
11.48 $
New Acrylic Anime Around Jinling Lansi Chasing Jiang Cheng Xue Yang Xiao Xing Li Li Brand Decoration Birthday Gift-tmall.com Tmall
3.67 $
Magic Road ancestor animation genuine surrounding 2020 calendar exclusive gift postcard - tmall.com Tmall
12.09 $
[Pre-sale] "Wei Wuyi Yiling ancestors Ver." Clay people (with grassland exclusive special code wind evil disc) - Caochangdi (Tencent video)
45.75 $
Ai Man genuine magic Taoist ancestors around 925 silver purple electric ring jewelry Yunmeng Jiang Cheng [spot]-tmall.com Tmall
25.7 $
Doki Wei Wuyi birthday will limit the canvas bag magic Taoist around the genuine surrounding - tmall.com Tmall
4.28 $
Doki Wei Wusong birthday party limited badges magic Tao Zuzu around the genuine surrounding - tmall.com Tmall
2.3 $
Doki Wei Wuyi birthday party limited Q version of the badge magic Tao Zuzu around the genuine surrounding - tmall.com Tmall
2.3 $
Doki Wei Wuyi birthday party limited photo frame pendant magic Taoist master genuine surrounding - tmall.com Tmall
4.28 $
Doki Wei Wuyi birthday party limited Q version of the licensing Tencent video month card magic road ancestor genuine surrounding - tmall.com 猫猫
10.4 $
Spot Tianwen Kawagawa Genuine Magic Taoist Blue Forgetting Machine Wei Wuyi Jiang Cheng Anime Peripheral Metal Pendant Ornaments-tmall.com Tmall
4.59 $
Ai Man genuine magic Taoist teacher animation surrounding acrylic set Fu Li licensing pendant [pre-sale]-tmall.com Tmall
4.59 $

Chinese Lolita Dress

Catch the chance to reserve them!
[Infanta. Baby Vatican] LOLITA * Little Mermaid * Original Print JSK Spot - Taobao
50.18 $
Diamond sweetheart lolita spot Japanese original original Japanese super sweet sweet cute white snow strawberry fan sleeve skirt - Taobao
50.18 $
Original dark gothic court retro lolita European dress lolita dark flower skirt elegant British wind female - Taobao
29.84 $
[Sen woman wants to go to the beach] Sleeping rabbit original light lolita cute Japanese girl jsk summer sweet - Taobao
21.27 $
[Sen girl wants to go to the beach] rabbit rabbit symphony soft sister cute retro autumn long-sleeved dress - Taobao
14.38 $
[Sen woman wants to go to the beach] Alice sleepwalking clock rabbit dress skirt original light lo Japanese cute sweet - Taobao
19.74 $
Short-sleeved lolita dress soft sister dress Lolita cute cute Japanese sweet loli OP Princess skirt female-tmall.com Tmall
20.35 $
[skscute homemade] original light lolita big rabbit cute print soft sister skirt jsk Japanese girl - Taobao
18.21 $
[BERRYFLEUR] raccoon tea party, can be added to the shopping cart, also use this link for sale - Taobao
59.52 $
[Elpress L] ~ old version · Christmas E ~ JSK dress [reservation deposit] Lolita - Taobao
120.56 $
[spot] girl original dream cosmetics Japanese dress mermaid Ji Haifeng fresh sling dress - Taobao
48.65 $
Diamond sweetheart lolita spot original Japanese sweet girl dreamy angel cute gradient white clouds JSK - Taobao
47.12 $

Lolita Shoes

Recently everyone bought ...
Spot full original fantasy mermaid laser Lolita in the single shoes wild Lolita lo shoes - Taobao
22.64 $
Japanese sweet boots women's high-heeled platform thick with bow original Lolita shoes lace round head student shoes - Taobao
20.66 $
Japanese round head LOLITA boots sweet lace bow heart-shaped high tube Lolita Princess boots 8166 - Taobao
56.3 $
Original [one night story] eternal glory Lolita dawn dreams hand-made flowers marry high heels can change color - Taobao
28.92 $
[Baroque Mask] Cross candlestick with lolita high heels light luxury girl wind pre-sale - Taobao
45.75 $
Japanese 8 cm thick bottom wood grain muffin bottom strap shoes Lolita cos Gothic shoes - Taobao
21.11 $
Brock retro college style high heel women's shoes 2168 - Taobao
25.25 $
Original Japanese Lolita round head students cute heart bow Lolita loli jk high thick with women's shoes - Taobao
14.54 $
Lolita shoes sweet princess Japanese high heel autumn Mary Jane shoes waterproof platform lace bow Lolita - Taobao
19.58 $
[Can if the stars] original Lolita stars yarn bow in the single shoes girl sweet wild women's shoes - Taobao
22.64 $
New tea party lolita Japanese princess jk sweet bow Loli daily round head banding doll soft sister single shoes - Taobao
14.54 $

The King’s Avatar

If you like it, treat it as glory, not show off.
Tencent video grassland
4.59 $
Tencent video grassland
9.18 $
Pre-sale shadow time full-time master movie peripheral leaf repair leaf autumn Su Muqiu plush pendant decorative keychain-tmall.com Tmall
9.03 $
[Full-time master] Yu Huanghua series combination licensing brand Epoxy pendant around the same person keychain - Taobao
6.89 $
[full-time master] Huang Shaotian grab doll machine pu pickup card set around the same person blue rain badge pendant lanyard - Taobao
5.36 $
[full-time master] Huang Shaotian grab doll machine mobile phone lanyard card set key around the same person blue rain pendant - Taobao
2.75 $
[Full-time master] Alice theme leaf blue fragrant film bookmarks around the same person Ye Xiu blue river Xingxin blue rain - Taobao
2.45 $
Official genuine full-time master around 2018 year of the year blessing the small pendant Ye Xiu Huang Shaotian Zhou Zezhen - Taobao
5.36 $
Official genuine full-time master around 2018 year of the year blessing the small pendant Ye Xiu Huang Shaotian Zhou Zezhen - Taobao
5.36 $
Official genuine full-time master around 2018 year of the year blessing postcard paper leaf repair yellow Shaotian Zhou Zeyi - Taobao
2.75 $

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Ai Man Genuine Idol Dream Festival Periphery Logo Styling Pain Bag Shoulder Bag [Spot] -tmall.com
39.47 $
Daily Korean girls short hair bobo egg roll head air bangs fluffy linen gold micro-volume realistic short curly hair - Taobao
8.72 $
Delivery will begin on October 15th! CIGALONG 龙梓嘉陈情令 lipstick 5 lipstick gift box set-tmall.com Tmall
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[Heshun] Devil's Blade Ganlu Temple Honey Glass Love column cos ghost kill team uniform cosplay costume
34.88 $
Second wig demon ancestor Wei Wuxian wig horsetail black hair costume cos wig E94
21.11 $
[Chenqing order official mall] surrounding blue forget machine blue Zhan blue two sons innocent plush dolls - tmall.com Tmall
39.63 $
[Heshun] Ghost Blade COS Brother and sister 绊 祢 祢 祢 cos cosplay costume - Taobao
30.45 $
Japanese bow soft sister girl princess unicorn fairy Lolita lolita female anime exhibition student performance shoes - Taobao
9.33 $
First beast cat spot my hero academy cos costume female hero Liri Yuchazi kimono and wind anime
47.67 $
Don't slip / ghost destroying blade ihei small barney snake cos cosplay wig-chinaglobalmall
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Dr.stone stone age stone god thousand air cosplay shoes stone age bar / big tree cosplay shoes-chinaglobalmall
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[Smoke] Original Collection Gothic Lolita Long Sleeve Shirt Retro Elegant Slim Lace Joker
15.15 $