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42agent is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

I always place my orders with 42agent and they always make a excellent work. Fast and perfect customer service. My order arrived perfectly and in short time. Thank you!

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42agent's Taobao agent service overview

Benefits for Merchant
Dropship support
Import orders from CSV file
Quick check buttons
Remove tags/labels for free
Our Services
Shop For Me
Ship For Me
Free package consolidation
Why Choose 42agent?
No hidden fee
Save up to 45% on shipping
Free photo taking
One year of free storage
What Can We Help You?
  • Low shipping rates for your budget bottom line.
  • Packages consolidation, repack, split and more.
  • Shop from over 1million Chinese retailers & suppliers.
  • Additional discounts for qualified high-volume customers.
  • Expand your business to international customers via 42agent Dropship.
We're Good at
  • Patient and fast customer service.
  • Fluent communication in English
  • Communicate complex cosplay customization.
  • Solve after-sale problems before ship to you.
  • Super easy to use inventory managements system.
  • Give suggestion to help you save money.
  • Well packing for fragile or irregular goods.

42agent's Professional Taobao Agent Service

Taobao is the world's largest e-commerce website, with more than 700 million people shopping from Taobao every year. The richness of the types of goods on Taobao is beyond your imagination, and the most important thing is that the price is very cheap. Then why do you need 42agent's purchasing service?

Taobao Seller
English & Chinese
Trade Currency
Communication Tool
Email, Support Ticket, WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, etc.
Payment Method
PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, WebMoney, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.
Shipment Method
Domestic Express
International EMS/ePack, Airmail, DHL, Fedex, etc.
Sale items directly
Help you buy from Taobao
Dropship & ShipForMe

May I buy products from other e-commerce sites?

Yes, we can purchase from almost all Chinese e-commerce websites for you, and ensure the security of your payment. The products we often buy for customers include Cosplay (especially custom-sized Cosplay), BJD, anime peripheral products (such as MoDaoZuShi), wigs, clothes, shoes and other daily necessities.

The websites we often buy include: Taobao, Tmall, 1688.com, Xianyu/2.taobao.com, JD.com, kongfz.com, 7788.com, WeChat min-program, Pingduoduo(PDD), etc.

Classic 6 Steps ShopForMe Service

42agent's Taobao purchasing service has only 6 steps. There are only 3 steps that you need to perform, including submitting product links to our site, and making two payments. For other complicated operations, 42agent will handle for you safely.

Select Products
Copy the link from Taobao/1688, submit it to 42agent, note the color, size and other options.
Confirm with Sellers
We will communicate your needs to the seller, confirm the availability of the items, etc.
Make 1st Payment
Your 1st payment include items costs, domestic delivery fee, and service fee(6% ~ 8%)
Shop For You
We will purchase your order. Upon receipt of the items, we will inspect and take pictures one by one.
Make 2nd Payment
You will need to pay for international shipping. We offer a wide range of shipment options.
Ship For You
We will ship your package, track the progress of the shipment, and handle any after-sale issues for you.

Ship For Me Service

If you are proficient in Chinese and Taobao shopping skills, and also hold RMB, as well as an Alipay account, then you can just use our international logistics service. We call it ShipForMe, that you buy by yourself and we ship to your address.

You can obtain an unique warehouse address from 42agent's website, and send your products to our warehouse. 42agent will do quality checking of the items, take pictures, pack and send to you. We provide a variety of cheap and reliable international shipping methods for you to choose.

Shop by Yourself
Ship to 42agent warehouse address
Check & Pack
Take photos for free
Make payment
PayPal, Western Uniont, etc.
Ship for You
EMS, Airmail, SAL, DHL, etc.

Hot selling items

42agent Modao zushi

MoDao Zushi | mall.video.qq.com

Shop For Me from

42agent https://mall.video.qq.com/
Aiman Genuine Magic Dao Patriarch Animation Periphery Sitting Plush Doll Pendant Wenning Style [Pre-sale] -tmall.com
8.87 $
Moxiang copper smelly uninhibited Xiao Zhanwang Yibo Chen Qing simplified first volume uninhibited novel full set of ink fragrant copper smelly genuine book original book sent to the blue family set training Ya Zhengji poster
5.78 $
Three-pointed delusion of magic Taoist priest animation derivative service Yun Shen does not know rabbit blue forget machine Wei Wuxian full set collection version
111.54 $
Ai Man Genuine Magic Dao Patriarch Animation Periphery Sitting Plush Doll Pendant Wenning Style [Pre-sale]-Tmall.com
8.87 $
Nanmanshe genuine magic ancestor perimeter Wei Wuxian blue forget machine soft three-dimensional doll hand-made pendant keychain
5.81 $
Nanmanshe genuine magic ancestor perimeter Wei Wuxian blue forget machine Jiang Cheng crystal bracelet ins niche design
10.4 $
[陈 情 令 官方 商城] The surrounding Yiling ancestor Wei Wuxian Wei Ying unruly plush doll
45.75 $
[Pre-sale] Animated Metal Badge Combination of "Ancestral Demon"-Grass Field
7.5 $
[Magic ancestor radio drama] End commemorative set Cat ear FM Exclusive official surroundings Free shipping envy
76.19 $
[Magic ancestor radio drama] End commemorative set Cat ear FM Exclusive official surroundings Free shipping envy
76.19 $
Demon ancestor Wei Wuxian Yiling ancestor Ver clay hand-made gift grass field exclusive special wind evil plate-tmall.com
47.28 $
Magic Road ancestor animation genuine surrounding 2020 calendar exclusive gift postcard - tmall.com Tmall
11.48 $

Chinese Lolita Dress & shoes

Catch the chance to reserve them!
Magic tea party [garden restaurant] lolita genuine skirt original daily skirt light lo autumn JSK-spot-Taobao
22.8 $
antaina muffin platform shoes Korean tide Korean wave bride shoes stage increase shoes 9836
53.24 $
Antaina fine heel princess shoes ap small gold shoes large size shoes custom lolita shoes small size shoes custom 5006-taobao.com
30.29 $
[Nightingale and roses jsk] withpuji original design lolita dress cla series printed bird cage handle
25.7 $
Pre-sale Lolita dress original authentic authorized Ito Jun second joint JSK dark series daily wear Lolita-chinaglobalmall
74.66 $

New coronavirus (COVID-19) protective articles

Items that help protect you from new coronavirus.
Spot kn95 mask breathable n95 protective mouth and nose mask protective supplies mouth cover shunfeng
13.62 $
Honeywell acid and alkali resistant gloves industrial labor protection wear-resistant waterproof non-slip oil-resistant laboratory chemical-resistant gloves
2.42 $
Spot infrared electronic thermometer forehead thermometer measuring instrument forehead thermometer high precision home medical temperature gun-tmall.com
71.6 $
Honeywell gas mask spray paint anti-formaldehyde dust chemical gas respirator pesticide gas kn95 half mask-roundtheclockmall
50.34 $
Honeywell goggles for men and women riding windshield sand anti-fog dust-proof impact glasses laboratory anti-splash-tmall.com
8.42 $
Runhe 75 Degree Alcohol Wet Wipes Portable FCL 20 Packs x 10 Pieces Home Office Sterilization Wipes Wipes-Tmall.com
9.16 $
100 large alcohol cotton tablets disposable disinfection cotton swab mobile phone tableware jewelry wipes wipes travel cleaning-tmall.com
1.5 $
3 / pack 3M nexcare comfort masks breathable anti-odor anti-dust sunscreen mask sky blue-tmall.com
4.57 $
Genuine 3M 5N11 filter cotton 6200 respirator KN95 grade with 6000 filter box 7502 mask-roundtheclockmall
14.38 $
Mehow spot shunfeng mail mask anti-fog protective breathing valve mask can clean 7 pieces of kn95 filter element-roundtheclockmall
45.75 $
Electronic thermometer ear thermometer baby home children infrared high precision medical precision forehead thermometer temperature measurement-roundtheclockmall
45.59 $
Medical rubber inspection gloves disposable latex ding qing surgery doctor special household dishwashing food catering-roundtheclockmall
6.1 $

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Ai Man Genuine Magic Road Patriarch Animation Peripheral Animal Stand Decoration Wei Wuxian Lan Wangji etc. [Spot]-Tmall.com
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Ai Man Genuine Magic Road Patriarch Animation Periphery Sitting Plush Doll Pendant Jiang Cheng Jin Ling Lan Xichen Pre-sale
86.9 $
Lolita japanese palace girl lolita lo mother sweet bow princess jk high-heeled and comfortable women's shoes
24.17 $
cosonsen pokemon cos pokemon sword shield peter cosplay costume competition costume
65.48 $
AOI demon wei wuxian boy version has styling hair style ancient costume cosplay wig-chinaglobalmall
23.26 $
Kangti Liu zentai tailor-made meat complexion matte spandex kigurumi all-inclusive tights
56.61 $
[Pseudo-fake home] earth-bound boy Huazi Jun Akane Aoi character circle model cosplay wig
11.02 $
One-shoulder simple white tail wedding dress bride wedding long-sleeved net red french main tulle 2019 new style-roundtheclockmall
76.35 $
Alice girl original new lolita angel handle lace bow strap dress-chinaglobalmall
19.89 $
Japan bl patent leather thick high waterproof platform thick platform cute shoes lolita cos high heel lolita shoes
19.58 $
[Meow house shop] Magic ancestor animation surrounding the blue family disciple clothing Lan Si chasing Lan Jingyi derivative clothing male-Taobao
68.7 $
[陈 情 令 官方 商城] Guofeng Music Collection Set Pre-sale Pre-sale before December 15th-tmall.com
68.85 $