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42agent is a cross-border startup founded in 2011 and located in Beijing, China. We help global customers buy goods from China and mainly offer 1 core services. Shop For Me is a classic shopping agent service that helps you buy goods from e-commerce sites like Taobao, 1688, JD, etc.
Shop For Me
42agent's Taobao Agent Service
Shop For Me is a Taobao shopping service. You can pick any items from Chinese e-commerce sites, entrust 42agent to buy and ship on your behalf. The products on Taobao, 1688, Xianyu and other sites are cheap and affordable. It comes in a wide variety of categories, from standardized clothes, shoes and hats, to trendy toys, customized Cosplay clothing, BJD dolls and more.
42agent 42agent Shop For Me order process
What our customers say about our Shop For Me services?
Great service as always, I've been using 42agent since they were taobaoring and I've never been dissatisfied.
Amazing service as always. 42agent is always happy to help with any questions and the website is very easy to use! Have used 42agent for around 5 years now and would recommend them to everyone!
Very satisfied with 42agent's customer service. They are quick to respond and sort out any concerns. My items were shipped safely, with extra Styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc. I'll definitely trust them again for my future orders.
Why 42agent?
Cross-border shopping is complicated compared to shopping from Amazon or the convenience store downstairs. Customers who can shop across borders are smart. So why would those smart customers choose 42agent? I think it's because there are so many options and affordable prices for shopping from China. At the same time, 42agent offers a wide range of services that aim to reduce the complexity of cross-border shopping, leaving the hassle to ourselves and making it fun and easy for our customers to shop.
Check items
Find problems
Resolve problems
Take photos
Unboxing video
Split order
Seller gifts
Item protection
Strong packaging
Trade protection

Shopping platforms we support

One 42agent account can purchase from multiple shopping marketplaces.

Identify problems and solve them

Sellers often make mistakes of one kind or another. If you find out about these problems only after you have sent it abroad, then you will bear high international shipping costs and a long wait, and it will be difficult for you to defend your rights. However, with 42agent's Shop For Me service, all these worries no longer exist. All these problems will be solved within China, and we will protect your interests.
Wrong option
Missed items
Delay in delivery
Damaged items
Seller mistakes
42agent solutions
Missed item
Request a replacement or refund
Item is dirty or damaged
Request an exchange or refund
Item is not the right color or size
Ask for an exchange or refund
Seller does not ship on time
We will follow up with the order regularly to remind the seller to ship or request a refund
Seller refuses to refund
We will ask the e-commerce platform to assist in recovering the refund
The world is complicated enough as it is, and shopping from across the ocean in another country is especially complicated. Yet we're proud that our customers say our site is:
No matter how complex your needs are,
we can meet them all.
English support
Foreign currency
Trustworthy payment
Timely delivery
Taobao Seller
English & Chinese
Trade Currency
Communication Tool
Payment Method
PayPal, Bank Transfer
Shipment Method
Domestic Express
International EMS/ePack, Airmail, DHL, Fedex, etc.

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