EMS parcel delay because of Covid-19

Dear customers,

Recently there are many parcels returned to us after shipping, almost each day we suffer parcel returning. After checking with the shipping company, it is because of lacking of flights. In Jan.- Apri, 2021, there were only 119 flights from China mainland flights to the United States. However, The figure for the same period in 2019 was 3944, which dropped by 97% compared with the same period last year. Due to the extremely tight flight, a large number of packages are returned randomly after arriving at the airport. This is the main reason of parcel returning, and the other reason is that the parcels which include battery, liquid, powder or some other prohibited shipping items can be returned easily. 

The affected shipping methods are mainly from China post, which includes EMS, Eyoubao, SAL and Chinese Air. These shipping methods may have more or less delay or parcel returning. We usually ship the parcels again for free after they returned to our office. If you are in a hurry to receive them you can switch to DHL or Fedex to ship, as they are commercial express, and are less affected from the virus. 

What’s terrible, the viral load of delta infected patients was 1260 times that of the original strain. More than 100000 new diagnoses were added in the United States on July 30, which is the highest in the United States since February this year. Recently, infected people have been found in many places in China, leading to different degrees of closed management. Both domestic and international express will be affected. This cause the parcels may arrive at our warheouse late and it may have delay when ship to you internationally.

We appreciate for your patience, and let’s tide over the difficulties together. Please stay safe and take care. All 42agent members wish you and your family healthy. (We have compiled and translated an article published by Tencent Medical Dictionary on August 4, 2021, which can help you build a safe barrier to survive the outbreak. Click here to view it.)

Best wishes from 42agent. Best wishes from China. 



4 thoughts to “EMS parcel delay because of Covid-19”

  1. Hello sir
    I always send parsel via EMS it’s all times parsel arrive destination. But on July 30 still now my parsel not arrival my client is very upset in Hong Kong
    Antananarivo/Hong Kong

    1. I tracked it and found the parcel was delivered on 28th August: https://www.51tracking.com/madagascar-post-tracking?number=EE000416737MG , https://ibb.co/XxfBZMW . I think you have received it? It takes 29 days to arrive, the shipping time is a little long, the possible reason is like what we said in this article- Covid-19. Usually EMS can arrive in 3-14 days. Now there are many EMS packaged take more than 20 days to arrive, some even take more than 1 month.

  2. Please how long does EMS take from Slovakia to arrive Turkey ? Because these are European countries and it has been 1 week I haven’t received my documents . Please help me . These documents are urgently needed

    1. Hi friend, we didn’t ship parcels from Slovakia to arrive Turkey, we usually ship from China to other countries. According to our experience, most EMS parcels have delay due to Covid-19, we have many EMS parcels take more than 1 month to arrive. Next time if you want to receive fast we suggest you use DHL or Fedex, these business shipping methods have no delay or very small delay.

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