2022 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

Dear friends,

The 2022 Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon on June 3rd, we will be off-duty from June 3rd to June 5th, 2022. We will come back to work on June 6th (Monday).

All orders which paid shipping before 3:30 p.m. June 2nd (Thursday) can all be shipped before the holiday. Otherwise we can only ship when we come back from holiday on June 6th (Monday). 

All the orders can be placed as usual on our website here https://www.42agent.com, and all emails & messages can be sent as usual during our holidays. We have online staff to process your orders & emails & messages & purchasing during our holiday. But the international shipment can only be arranged when we come back on June 6th.

For the shipped out parcels, there may be some delay due to Covid-19. Please don’t worry if your parcel is unluckily delayed. You can send email to us and we will check for you soon when we are available.

Sorry for any delay or inconvenience caused. Thanks for your kind understanding! Please keep healthy and stay safe! 



Volumetric weight is involved for parcels long than 40cm

Dear customers,

From June 1st, the shipping method EMS and Eyoubao will have volumetric weight involved for parcels which is long than 40cm(including 40cm). It charges on the bigger one between actual weight and volumetric weight. For example, the actual weight of your package is 2kg, and the dimesion is 40*35*25cm. Then EMS will charge on the volumetric weight 40*35*25/6000 = 5.83kg.

Here you can calculate in our website calculator: https://www.42agent.com/calculator.php . Any questions please feel free to contact service@42agent.com.

Thanks so much for your kind understanding!