Practical Tips for You to Purchase Taobao Cosplay Prop

Are you a cosplay fan? If you are, you will be of much concerned about cosplay prop, as good accessory can bring you great experience. But how to find good quality one? Where to find? How to avoid some issues about them? Now we are happy to introduce some practical tips to help you get Taobao cosplay prop in good quality, cheap and safe to ship. Also finding so many kind of cosplay props in less sellers is really awesome, isn’t it? ^_^

As it’s known that cos props usually include mask, wings, wig, gun, knife, sword,etc. But in most cases, some customers usually have troubles with purchasing gun, knife, mask or sword, as their material is always so fragile and can be easy damaged during shipping. Sometimes the parcel will be returned back to us due to the item shape ( the items which shaped like a real gun is strictly checking by customs at present). In this case, it’s better to give up ordering items which shaped like a real gun and some very fragile items. The following listed cases are the customers always buy but always face issues:

1. the size of sword or knife is too long to ship.

The long cos props are usually the wooden knife or sword. Some can be split into several parts, but some can’t. If the item size is over 1.2 meters and can’t be split, we usually can’t buy. But sometimes, it depends on your customs policy and material itself as well. You can directly consult us before you order it. ^_^ For example, the following one is from a good Taobao store, but too long to ship.

The next following 2 cosplay prop are also long, but can be split to several parts, so we can buy and ship.

2. cosplay prop shape like a real gun.

Some cosplay prop which shaped like a gun usually can be shipped out smoothly, because it just looks like a prop and material is not metal,

But some are not so lucky to go through customs! Just take a example from recently orders. One of our customers from Malaysia ordered some items, but some were held in customs. After checking, the item is just the water gun parts and there are 3 items exactly look like a real water gun. If the 3 items are returned, he will lose much money, since something like a gun is strictly inspected recently. All shipping company are prohibit to ship them. It really takes high risks and will get more kicks than halfpence.

3. flimsy mask

For fragile products, we usually pack then thickly, but we really can’t guarantee what will happen during international shipping way. Especially if you choose Airmail or SAL which take so long to arrive. Some items maybe damaged during the transfer process. . As a result, if you are going to buy such items, we strongly suggest you use fast shipping, like EMS, which will greatly lower the risk of being damaged.

42agent is professional Taobao agent for 6 years, and proficient in helping customers to buy a variety of inexpensive products with good quality. Here we would like to share with you some shops and products our customers always buy. We do hope you can be easy to buy your favorite cos props through us in the coming future! ^^

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6 thoughts to “Practical Tips for You to Purchase Taobao Cosplay Prop”

  1. Hi,
    I am having some serious problems with shipping cosplay weapons to Malaysia. As i can’t read Chinese characters as well, it makes it even more difficult.
    From the above, seems like you are able to help with shipping those cos weapons to Malaysia. Can you please advise on this?

    1. Hello,
      Yeah, we can help with shipping cosplay weapons to Malaysia. You can email me to tell which kind of weapons you will ship, then we can confirm with the post company whether they can ship for us. Also, you can write your other questions together, for example the character translated. I’m glad to hep. ^^

    2. Hi! One of my props was rejected by the warehouse, I did make sure that it was within size limits (its a 100cm long sword). Do I have to refund it or can I contact the seller and use a private courier? If so is possible do I have to refund it beforehand? Thanks!

      1. Sorry for the late reply. Since it has been a long time I think your problem has been solved already. Next time you can try with our service, here is our website We can ship props which is long than 100cm, we shipped many times for our customers and there is no problem usually. 🙂

    1. Hi there. Yes, 42agent can ship PVC cos props to USA. However, the length can not exceeds 120cm or it can be destroyed easily during shipping. Thanks for your kind understanding. We also suggest you ship long cos props together with other items, such as clothes, wigs or shoes, etc, so it can be protected better during transit.

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