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We support the following payment methods:

Comparison of the various payment methods

Payment methodCurrency supportedTransaction chargeArrival time
PayPalUSD, HKD4.4% + 0.3 USDInstantly
PayPal eCheckUSD, HKD4.4% + 0.3 USD2-10 working days
Credit Card via PayPalUSD, HKD4.4% + 0.3 USDInstantly
Bank transfer (T/T)USD, HKD, GBP, EUR, etc.5-25 USD3-10 working days
TransferWiseUSD, HDK, GBP, EUR, etc.1-15 USD5 minutes – 3 days
Alipay & WeChat payCNY0Instantly
42agent coin accountCNY0Instantly
Western UnionUSD5-25 USD10 minutes – 3 days
MoneyGramUSD5-25 USD10 minutes – 3 days
WebmoneyUSD1-25 USDInstantly

Transaction charge free only means we don’t charge you any transaction fees, but it doesn’t mean that your bank will not charge the transaction fee.

Payment additional information

Most international money transfer methods are complicated, and basically all the problems you encounter can be solved by contacting your local bank or service branch resolved. We appreciate your patient cooperation.

Some money transfer methods require you to provide more information about the recipient in order to avoid international money laundering or illegal transfers. If necessary, please save the address, postal code and phone number of our payee.

Steet40-8-402, Taipingzhuang Middle Street
City & ProvinceBeijing, Beijing
Phone number+86 13146618654

To protect our own privacy, we are unable to provide scanned copies or numbers of our identity cards or passports. If the remittance agency must require this information, please send the money in a different way.

Payment FAQ

Why I only see amount in USD on my payment page?

Most of our customers pay via USD, so we display USD in default. If you pay via Bank Transfer, you can use other currencies. You can use our exchange rate calculator to convert your payment to any currency, or email us for help.
Please note that our exchange rates are not the same as the live rates you can find through sources such as Google – please refer to the next FAQ. You should always use our exchange rate calculator to calculate the amount you need to pay.

Why is your exchange rate different from the live rate I checked?

Our exchange rate will be higher than the real-time rate you can find through Google and other sources, that is because the amount you pay will stay in the receiving platform (PayPal, our bank accounts in China and abroad, Wise, WebMoney, etc.) for a period of time, depending on the total amount paid in one currency. The exchange rate may change in various ways between the time you make your payment and the time we pick it up. To avoid exchange rate losses, we set the exchange rate slightly in our favor.
There is also another situation. If the amount received in one currency is small, we will need to convert it to US dollars. In the case of PayPal, the fee for converting other currencies to US dollars is approximately 2.5% – 3%.

How can I avoid exchange rate losses?

The best way is to convert your currency to RMB through your local bank and send us RMB by Wise or bank transfer. In addition, you can also download Alipay or WeChat through the AppStore or Google Play and send a RMB transfer to 42agent – essentially transferring your local currency to us in RMB using your local bank’s live exchange rate.
If you think the exchange rate will be unfavorable in the long run, then you can transfer money to us in advance and use the 42agent coin or user balance manual bookkeeping function to lock in a favorable exchange rate in the long run.

How often do you update the exchange rate?

Our current exchange rate of RMB to USD is 1 CNY = 0.162 USD.
Since most customers pay in USD, and each order has 2 payments. There often involves order consolidate, split and refund, so we will not update USD exchange rate frequently. Any how, if there is big fluctuation, we will update it every 3-6 months.
About other currency exchange rate, 42agent always keeps an eye on them and make adjustment every month.

Can I wait until the exchange rate is in my favor before I pay?

If it is the first payment, we recommend that you pay as soon as possible, as the seller’s inventory is always changing. If it’s international shipping, you can wait longer and we can store it for you for free for 6 months – however international shipping also changes and prices can go higher or lower while you wait, and this uncertainty is still distasteful, so we still recommend you pay as soon as possible. 🙂