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You can pay by bank transfer. When you use bank transfer, please read the following notes carefully so that we can receive your transfer.

  1. When remitting money, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A PAYMENT MESSAGE (just leave it blank), but if you have to add it, write your first name (Please refer to the FAQ section below to learn more).
  2. When you make payment via bank transfer, PLEASE DO NOT write order ID, DO NOT mention shopping or buying in the payment details, or the bank may return it, which will delay your order and transaction fee will be involved, so please ONLY write your name in payment details.
  3. Sometimes the intermediary banks will charge some commission, we will not undertake it. The final amount arrives to our account will be the payment you pay us. If the final amount arrives has some difference with the amount of your order, we will add to or deduct from your next order.

Send USD to us

Bank NameZheJiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank
Bank AddressYiwu Leyuan (East), Jiangbin Road, Yiwu, ZheJiang, China
Swift CodeCZCBCN2X
Account Number15602142110300132067
Last NameLIU
Remittance InformationCorrespondent Bank and Swift Code:

Special Notice

  1. Please notice that this above account only accept USD, and remember to append above Correspondent Bank and its Swift Code (BANK OF AMERICA N.A.,NEW YORK, BOFAUS3N) to Remittance Information.
  2. When remitting money, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A PAYMENT MESSAGE (just leave it blank), but if you have to add it, write “Payment for goods”.

Send RMB via your Chinese bank card

If you send CNY(RMB) via your Chinese bank card, here is the recipient information:

Bank NameBank of China Beijing Branch
Bank AddressNo.2 Chaoyang MenNeiDaJie, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010, China
Swift CodeBKCHCNBJ110
Account Number6217900100003137687
Last NameLIU

Send money to our offshore bank account

Bank transfer FAQ

Why should I not add a message to my bank transfer?

Please do not fill in the message when remitting money, because the message will increase the complexity of receiving money from us. Sometimes the bank will scrutinize the message and we will not be able to collect it and return the money to your bank account in the same route – you will lose two cross-border transfer fees of about $10-$60.
In general, banks will not force you to write a message if you insist on not doing so. However, if the bank insists that you write a message, be sure not to include words such as: order, order number (any string of numbers can cause problems), service charge, payment, etc. You can write your first name in the message – a name may cause the least trouble.

How long does it take for the bank transfer to arrive?

Generally speaking, it takes 2-5 working days for a bank transfer to arrive.

What charges will there be for bank transfer?

Generally speaking, there may be three fees for cross-border transfer:
– Remitting bank charges
– Commissions charged by intermediary banks
– Fees charged by the receiving bank
You will have to pay the commission involved in the bank transfer (about 5-15 USD in total). Therefore, if you are transferring a low amount at a time (e.g. less than 200 USD), then we recommend that you save unnecessary fees by either transferring more money to us at once and into your coin account, or by having us manually register your account balance for you.

Why is the amount you receive less than the amount I send?

Because there are intermediary bank fees and receiving bank fees for international money transfers. If you do not pay these fees in advance when you send the money, it will result in us receiving less money than you sent.
If this happens, you do not have to re-pay the difference. We will add the difference to your next payment to save on bank fees.
Conversely there are cases where you may have overpaid and we will also register this in your account and deduct the overpayment from your next payment.

Why hasn’t the bank transfer arrived after 5 working days?

Generally, we will receive the money transfer 2-5 working days after your payment. However, international money transfers are complicated and occasionally it can take longer than 5 working days for the money to arrive. Usually we have to wait patiently. To ease your anxiety, you can check if the payment is correct in the following ways:
1, Find the bank transfer receipt or check the transfer history via online banking.
2, Compare the 42agent bank transfer receipt information page to make sure the payee information and payment currency are correct. Please also make sure that you did not include any notes with the payment, as some of them may cause delays or fail to be credited (so we recommend not adding any notes when sending money).
3, Call your local bank to check the status of the transfer.
4, Send an email to 42agent and give us about the order number, date, amount, currency, country, bank, payee name, account, etc., and screenshots of the bank transfer receipt or online remittance record (please include all the necessary information above in the screenshots). We will call the bank in China to check the status of the remittance.
Finally, based on our years of experience, 99% of international remittances will eventually arrive without any problems. Please do not worry too much. 🙂

Why does the bank need a lot of information from me?

Banks need information about the remitter or recipient in order to prevent cross-border money laundering or financial crimes. While providing the information requested by the bank makes it more difficult to send money, the bank does also protect our accounts from online fraud.
If you send money through online banking or a bank app, you usually only need to register our payee information once and it will be available permanently thereafter. If you use Wise to initiate a bank transfer, even the most basic of our payee information is all that is needed to complete the transfer.

Can I use Payoneer to transfer money to your bank?

Yes, but note that only Payoneer’s savings/checking account can be used for bank transfers. If you have a Payoneer credit card, you can pay via the PayPal button on the order payment page – you can pay even if you don’t have a PayPal account, as this button indicates that the underlying billing channel is PayPal, which supports credit cards issued by most banking institutions.

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