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We can help you buy or ship most Taobao items, except for the following.

  • Goods that are prohibited by Chinese law from being exported.
  • Goods that are prohibited to be sent or received by international express, include:
    • Liquid: such as makeup toner, wig care solution
    • Battery items: such as cell phone, computer, shiny cos-props with built-in battery
    • Items with magnetism
    • Power bank
    • Gun shape items, even if it is just a toy
    • Products with motor inside
    • Big size items which has one side longer than 120cm. Such as furniture or long sword.
    • Poisonous substances
    • Infectious substances
    • Gasoline, diesel or other fuels
    • Self-balancing boards (hoverboards)
    • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical
    • Tear gas, mace & pepper spray
    • Live or dead animals or insects
    • Gambling devices & accessories
    • Food
  • Goods that your local customs prohibit private purchases from abroad, such as certain food items. You need to know the local customs policy in advance when you buy more specific goods.
  • Goods that infringe on intellectual property rights, examples include counterfeit clothing, shoes and hats, virtual products such as software and games, and other goods that lack brand licenses.
  • Goods that are not suitable for international shipping, such as fragile goods like ceramics.
  • Goods that require a wooden frame to be shipped, such as large lamps. Because sellers are usually unable to provide proof of fragrance in wooden frames.
  • Adult products.

Since we have a large number of customers who purchase pre-ordered items from Taobao – especially pre-ordered items that require a long customization cycle such as Cosplay, as well as items from Xianyu. Below we’ve also compiled a list of common scenarios where we may not be able to purchase for you for your reference.

The pre-order items we can’t buy

Generally speaking , we can help you to buy most pre-order items on Taobao. If there are words like â€œå…¨æ¬¾é¢„售”, “全款”, “定金”, “定金,需补尾款” in the title of the product or the sales attribute, sales status, color and other optional options, then we can normally buy the pre-order item for you .

However, we will not be able to purchase it for you if there is any of the following situations:

1, If there are words like â€œä»…限拍了定金的支付” ,”尾款” in the title of the product or the optional options such as sales attribute, sales status, color, etc., it means that the item has entered the payment state of balance . We have missed the payment stage of the deposit for the item, so we can’t buy this pre-sale item for you.

2, If there are words like â€œå”®ç½„” in the title of the product or in the optional options such as sales attribute, sales status, color, etc., it means that the item is sold out and we can’t buy it for you, but we can continue to pay attention to the reservation and release of the store in the later period. When the store release it  again, we will be able to purchase the pre-order item for you.

3, If the item price is unusually high and mostly in the form of 99999.00 or 9999.00, it means that the item has been sold out. Some sellers adjust the price to this mode in order to avoid buyers  placing orders to pay.

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