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Please check the package carefully when you receive it.

1. Whether the outer packing is intact or not. If there is any damage on the packing which may cause items fall out of the package, you need to contact the local post office immediately.

2. Is there any imprint that the parcel has been opened halfway? For example, the EMS label was torn open? If yes, please check if all items are included instantly.

Usually we pack all items in a suitable carton. In most cases the box will be stuffed with items. If there is any space left, we’ll fill it with foam, newspapers or other fillers. If you couldn’t find some items of a certain order when you get the parcel, please put all stuff which includes the fillers back into the box. Weigh and compare it with the weight record in 42agent order page to check whether they are the same or not:

  • Weight conformity. The missing items may be still in our warehouse. We may forget to include them in the parcel.
  • Weight inconformity. The items may be lost during international transit.

If it is our problem, please contact us immediately, and make sure the information below attached:

  • Order ID
  • The lost item’s link
  • Marking the missing item in the photo which we uploaded in the order
  • If you can not find them in the photos, please also inform us.

Reminder: in order to avoid wrong sending or miss sending, please check and confirm all the items are in the photos before you make second payment.

After receiving your email, we’ll check and deal with the problem and reply within 24 hours. The general solutions are:

1. The missing items are not in the photos. We guess it happens like this: usually the order is large, we use two or more boxes to collect the items, but we miss some boxes when taking photos and packing. It’s easy to solve, we’ll ship the remaining items together with your next order, and will undertake 20 CNY as compensation. We couldn’t undertake all the cost because the international shipping fee is charged by weight. So you still need to undertake the international shipping fee, but you can get some compensation from us.

2. The items can be found in the photos. We pack the items instantly after taking photos, which is a very coherent process, so we think it is alomost impossible that the items are in the photos but not in the parcel. It seldom happens to mix one order with another. However, if unluckily this happens, we will deal with it like this:

  • Parcel of customer A and parcel of customer B are mixed. We’ll ask customer A to send the parcel to customer B and tell B to send parcel to A. Meanwhile we’ll undertake all shipping cost.
  • Items belonging to customer A were misplaced into customer B’s parcel. In this case, we’ll ask customer B to ship back to us, and then we’ll ship to A again. Or we will buy items again for A or refund directly if customer A requires.

3. If a parcel covers items from many orders, it may be that part of the orders have not been included in the parcel. The solution will be the same as (1).

The package will be transferred for many times during international transit, and items might be lost during each transfer, or even the whole package is lost at worst.

General transportation process:

  1. Packages sent out from 42agent warehouse to the shipping/agency company (usually the post company).
  2. Scanned by post office, checking if there are any prohibited products inside.
  3. Sorted out by post office, arranging different routes according to different countries.
  4. Arrival at China customs.
  5. Random customs inspection if the parcel is selected. It needs to pass through the X-ray machine. If the parcel is found abnormal, it will be opened up manually for checking. In this case, burglary may happen during the manual checking. Parcels which can’t go through the inspection will be returned to us.
  6. Arrival at the destination customs.
  7. Random customs inspection and if parcel is selected. It needs to pass through the X-ray machine again. If the parcel is found abnormal, it will also be opened up manually for checking. In this case, burglary may happen too during the manual checking.
  8. Sent to the local post office.
  9. Delivered by couriers.

In this long international transit, parcels may be opened up manually several times for checking, and items can be stolen by the checkers. Or they may forget to put items back to the parcel after checking. As you know, this situation is already out of 42agent’s control. What we can do is to try to reduce the shipping of dangerous goods in confirming and purchasing phase in order to avoid being checked by customs.

Sometimes customers may suffer loss, but 42agent is also innocent, so we are unable to promise all compensation. This possibility is very low, but if it happens, 42agent will consider to give some favorable terms for future orders such as exempt minimum service fee, etc.

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