42agent cannot purchase goods that infringe IP rights

As a law-abiding business company, we focus on intellectual property protection. We are unable to purchase or forward any goods for you that infringe on intellectual property rights or lack official authorization from brand owners.

What is intellectual property right? It’s a long story and beyond this article. Let’s have a simple glance of it. Intellectual property right means:

  • a trade mark;
  • a design;
  • a copyright or any related right as provided for by national or Union law;
  • a geographical indication;
  • a patent as provided for by national or Union law;

If the Custom consider the item infringe an intellectual property right, they will take actions include:

  • destroy it; or
  • send back to the original country; or
  • ask you pay a lot of money for it; or
  • ask you proof it’s legal;

We can not help you buy any items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, no mater they are physical commodity like clothes, shoes, watch, hats or virtual products like video game, software, etc.

If branded goods are involved, we can only purchase them for you through the following channels:

  1. Products that are sold on the reliable direct sale platform such as Jd.com (not third-party sellers)
  2. Products that are sold on brands’ direct store on Tmall.com, such as Burberry’s online shop on Tmall.com: https://burberry.tmall.com/
  3. Products from foreign brands’ branch stores in China, such as MUJI’s official store in China: https://www.muji.com.cn/cn/store/
  4. Products from sellers who can provide brands authorization certificate and commercial invoice. For example, the merchandise around Mo Dao Zu Shi sold by minidoll is licensed by Penguin Pictures (a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings), the IP owner.
  5. The brand’s official WeChat mini program store, such as Good Smile Arts WeChat mini program store: https://shop46093017.m.youzan.com/wscshop/showcase/homepage?kdt_id=45900849

China’s focus on intellectual property protection

As a Chinese e-commerce company, 42agent is proud to say that the protection of intellectual property rights in China is getting better and better every day. We’d like to take an excerpt from Alibaba’s 2020 earnings report to give a glimpse of the importance China places on IP protection at home.

We are committed to offering authentic, high-quality products across our marketplaces… we are proactive in partnering with rights holders and law enforcement authorities both online and offline to monitor product authenticity and protect intellectual property.

We have called for collective efforts in the fight against counterfeiting that include stronger law enforcement measures and harsher penalties for those found to be engaged in criminal activities. In addition, we also initiate civil actions against counterfeiters using our platforms.

We employ big data and technology to proactively identify and shut down storefronts selling infringing products and remove suspicious product listings. We regularly provide law enforcement authorities with evidence to successfully track down and arrest violators of intellectual property rights.

We have implemented the following best practices around a three-pronged strategy:

1. We operate a rigorous notice-and-takedown system that allows rights holders to request the removal of potentially infringing listings from our platforms with ease via the Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection, or IPP, portal.

2. We utilize our proprietary algorithms to proactively detect the presence of suspicious goods and remove them from our marketplaces without requiring the notice of a rights holder.

3. With insights drawn from our data analytics, we help law enforcement authorities to identify manufacturers and dealers of suspicious goods so they can be brought to justice.

Alibaba is the parent company of a series of companies such as Taobao, Tmall, XianYu, 1688, Aliexpress, Alipay and others. This shows how much we protect our intellectual property.

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