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Most parcels can be delivered smoothly usually, however there might be 1% parcels returned. You may ask why? The answer is a little complicated, and there are many possible reasons. Let’s analyze for you.

As you can see from the below picture, there are 3 points that your parcel can be returned to us:

  1. Returned from Chinese Customs.
  2. Returned from Destination Customs.
  3. Returned from your local post office.

1.Returned from Chinese Customs

The basic reason is your parcel includes some brand item or forbidden items like liquid, powder, battery, etc. If not, that’s maybe your parcel is mixed with other dangerous parcels, like this:

Usually the post company will put many small parcels in one big bag when make security cheacking. As long as one of the parcels includes dangerous items, the Secure Scan Machine will raise the alarm and the whole bag will be returned. In this case you can say your parcel is innocent, because the chief culprit is the other parcel, however it can’t be avoided.

Note: On this occasion, since the parcel has not been to oveases, so you do not need to pay shipping again. We will check whether there are missing items and repack the parcel when it is returned to us. And then reship it For Free within 24 hours.

2. Returned from Destination Customs

There are some reasons for the parcels returned from destination customs:

  • Your parcel includes some items which infringe an intellectual property right. Sometimes parcel is returned and sometimes the local customs will destroy the parcel directly.
  • You are asked to pay the customs tax/duty, but you refuse.
  • The customs carry out wrong operation.
  • Your parcel includes some limit items, such as USA customs requires Shunfeng parcels which includes fabric items must have Certificate of Origin label, however there is no such label on the clothing.

Note: We will inform you at once when we receive the returned parcel. You can choose to reship or destory the parcel. If reship, you need to pay shipping again, but you can choose another shipping method, it is up to you.

You can also choose to destory the parcel if you don’t want to pay shipping again, and of course there is no refund. Because the parcel has been shipped to your country and the shipping company will not refund us. This is the risk of international trade, please make sure you know it before trade with us. Thanks.

3. Returned from your local post office

Since your parcel has been released from the customs, your parcel seems nicely safe. However there are still some strange reasons for the parcel return:

  • You input an incorrect address when place order. The postal man cannot delivery it to your correct address.
  • The recipient is not at home, and cannot be contacted via phone. Usually the post man will try several times to re-delivery, however they will quit and arrange for return if failed to deliver for many times.
  • The address label on the parcel is lost, it is not sure who is the recipient and where to delivery the parcel. We usually will put shipping label tightly on the parcel. But you should be aware that packages go through multiple transfers during international transportation, and we cannot guarantee that every staff member will be gentle. In the worst case, the shipping label could be lost due to the staff violence.

Note: Same with situation 2. You can choose to reship or destroy the parcel. You need to pay shipping again if reship and no refund for destroy.

Thanks for all your kind understanding. Please don’t worry if your parcel is unluckily returned, you can just mail us to tell your final decision on how to deal with the returned parcel. Our related staff will be sure to process asap for you. 🙂

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