Shop For Me order process

The essence of the Shop For Me service is that we buy and ship the products on your behalf. Due to various issues such as language, time difference, currency, international shipping, etc., you may not be able to purchase goods directly from China, in which case you can use our Shop For Me service.

The classic Shop For Me 6 steps

Step 1 Submit item links

Choose your desired items from Taobao or any other China’s online store, then copy and paste the items URL to place your order at Quick Order.

Note: You cannot pay immediately when you place your order. You could return to check your order process status or wait for our confirmation email to access to your payment page.

★ Step 2 Wait for us to confirm the status of the items

We will check with the seller for your items’ availability and will email you at first time. If it’s available, we will confirm with you requesting your first payment.

First payment = Items cost + Domestic delivery fee + Service fee

Service fee = (Items cost + Domestic delivery fee) * 8%

Click on the Pricing page for a detailed explanation of the service fees.

★ Step 3 Make your 1st payment

Once your first payment is done, we will purchase the items from taobao sellers. Usually the products arrive at our warehouse in 2-5 days.

Step 4 Waiting for us to purchase and pack the items

We will double check items quality, take photos and email you requesting the second payment (international shipping fee).

★ Step 5 Make your 2nd payment

Once the second payment is done, we will send out your parcel within 12 hours, and update tracking number in your order.

Second payment = International shipping fee

★ Step 6 Waiting for receipt of items

In 5-7 days, your items will be shipped to your door. Anyhow, the international shipping time depends on what methods of shipment you use and where you have your parcels sent.

To give you a better understanding of all the costs involved in the entire order, here is a case study you can click on to see.

Shop For Me FAQ

★ Why is it even cheaper to use purchasing agent than if I buy from Taobao on my own?

Firstly, we provide you a large discount for international shipping, which is almost impossible to get if you buy on your own. Secondly, if you buy different items from different sellers on your own, you need to pay international shipping every time for each order. However, we could deliver all your items in one parcel, and you only need to pay one international shipping fee. This helps you save a lot of money. Thirdly, we double check your items for defects before international shipping, if return is necessary, your loss is minimized; while it’s impossible for you to do so if you buy on your own.

★ If I find problems with my items, will you charge extra service fee if I need your help?

No, all help is free of charge, no extra service fee. We can help you negotiate with sellers for any problems, such as change for size, change for color, or return items and apply for refund, etc. We will try our best to help, but can not guarantee the results.

★ Can I ask for a refund if my item is out of stock after I make the 1st payment?

Yes, we will refund you all fees if your item is out of stock after the1st payment, including items cost+ domestic fee+ our service fee, and will deduct the refund from shipping fee for you. If the refund is more than shipping fee, we will use refund to pay for shipping directly and refund extra to your PayPal account.

★ Can I change the items list before I make the 1st payment?

Yes, here is the steps:

  1. Goto the order list page.
  2. Click the “Action” button, choose “Edit Order” option:
  3. From the order page, click “Add more items” button:
  4. Then, you will see the shopping page, and add/remove items or change the qty. and remarks 🙂

★ I have submitted the order, but I do not know how and where to pay?

You have no access to the payment page at the time you submit your order. We need to check with the seller first if your desired items are available. If they are available, we will change your order status to “Pay”, you can pay at that time. So please login back soon to check your order status or check your mail within 12 hours, for we will also send you an email telling you the items availability.

★ Can I use your Shop For Me service if I am a foreigner in China?

Yes, we provide service for foreign friends both outside and inside China. If you would have your items delivered to China, the commission fee is only 8% of (items cost + domestic delivering fee). You can choose to have the items sent to you from seller directly or have them shipped to us first, then we collect all and send to your location.