42agent’s service pricing

42agent serviceService feeMinimum service fee
Shop For Me6-12% of items costs + domestic shipping fee30 CNY
Ship For Me15 CNY/KG30 CNY
DropshippingNo surcharges
(Only based on Shop/Ship For Me service fee)

Shop For Me service fee

Shop For Me includes two payments. The first payment includes 3 fees: the cost of the items, the domestic shipping of the items, and the service fee of 42agent. The service fee is 8% of the item cost plus the domestic shipping cost, minimum service charge is 30 CNY (Learn more from this example).

We also have some value-added services for a fee:

Ship For Me service fee

The service fee for Ship For Me is $15/KG, minimum service charge is 30 CNY.

Dropshipping service fee

Dropshipping is essentially a value-added service based on Shop For Me and Ship For Me. Dropshipping service is currently offered free of charge to overseas retailers. 😛