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We support PayPal payments and include the following payment methods.

  • PayPal
  • PayPal eCheck
  • PayPal Direct Transfer
  • Credit Card via PayPal
  • PayPal Gift

Handling fee for payments with PayPal

PayPal payments have a 4.4% + 0.3 USD processing fee, which needs to be paid by the customer. This fee applies to PayPal, PayPal eCheck, PayPal Direct Transfer and Credit Card via PayPal.

There is no fee for transferring funds using PayPal Gift, but it cannot be used for commercial payments. If you are very satisfied with an agent’s service and would like to reward the agent, you can use PayPal Gift to transfer money to us.

PayPal FAQ

§ What does Credit Card via PayPal mean?

It means that if you only have a credit card and no PayPal account, you can still pay. Just click the credit card payment button on the payment page, but the underlying support channel is PayPal.

§ When will PayPal eCheck arrive?

If you pay with PayPal eCheck, it usually takes 2-10 business days to reach our account. Only after the eCheck is cleared will we update the status of the order and proceed to the next step.

§ Why can’t I pay with PayPal for some orders?

There are some orders that we do not support PayPal payments for, mainly because they involve some higher risk orders. For example, some high-value orders, or orders containing liquids, batteries, etc. that may be at risk of having the package returned. Usually we will remind you of the transaction risk before payment, if you are willing to take the risk, we can still purchase for you, but can not charge PayPal payment.

§ Why was my PayPal payment declined?

Because of the risk controls of PayPal or your credit card or bank card issuer. It may be because you have paid too often recently, or you have made a larger payment in the near future. The easiest solution is for you to wait a few hours before trying to pay again, or for you to pay with a different credit card or bank card.

§ Why do I only see a blank page after I click the PayPal payment button?

It may be caused by a communication problem between our website and PayPal network, if you encounter this situation, we suggest you to make the following attempts.

  • Close your browser and reopen the payment page.
  • Close your browser, wait 10-20 minutes, and then reopen the payment page.
  • Log out of your 42agent account, close your browser, wait 10-20 minutes, log back in to 42agent and reopen the payment page.
  • Change your browser, log in to 42agent again, and open the payment page.
  • Disconnect the current Wifi link, try to share your phone’s 4G hotspot, and reopen the payment page.
  • Try to pay on the phone (Wifi).
  • Try to pay on the phone (4G).

If all these attempts fail (extremely rare), then please follow the steps below and we will give further analysis and instructions based on your specific situation.

  1. Open the payment page using Chrome.
  2. Press F12 to open Chrome’s debug mode screen. (macOS user: Shift + Cmd + C)
  3. Click on the Console tab.
  4. Click on the PayPal payment button.
  5. The PayPal payment page appears – this is still a blank page, so ignore it.
  6. Close this blank PayPal payment page.
  7. Send us a screenshot of the output from the Chrome debug screen.

It would be great if you could make a screen recording video of the above steps for us.

If all these attempts fail, we can also look at the problem for you remotely via TeamViewer. This requires you to download a TeamViewer software in advance on your computer.

Other payment methods