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Prepare for Hallowmas in Advance

Only less than 3 months left for 2017 Hallowmas, are your ready? Each year we have many customers come to shopping for Hallowmas in a hurry on September or October. However, it will be too late. Because many Hallowmas cosplays, props or accessories take time to make. In the busy season, you need to pre-order first so that the sellers can finish in time. In order to get the goods before Hallowmas, you’d better order in advance in July or August. 

Do you have an idea which items to buy for preparing Hallowmas this year? I think a pampkin lamp, a cosplay, a mask and props are necessary to everyone. I searched some related popular items on Taobao, hope can give you a small assist.

  • Do you have a pumpkin lamp?

The above is only an example seller, you can also search by yourself on Taobao. The keywords are “Pumpkin lamp”, everyone knows this. In Chinese it is “南瓜灯”.

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Where to buy Game of Thrones Cosplay

Over 20 million people are excited these days after broadcast of seventh season of Game of Thrones on last Sunday night, and so many people are shopping for Game of Thrones Cosplay products with us these days. What a lucky experience, as most 42agent team members are also loyal fans of Game of Thrones since its first broadcast. You will know we are the best Taobao agent to help buy Game of Thrones cosplay and around products.

As you know, Game of Thrones is acted based on a a series books by George R.R. Martin, and the book is originally known as A Song of Ice and Fire. As a fan of it, you may want to cosplay many roles in it. Even if you are not a fan of it, you must have many fans friends, so getting some Game of Thrones gifts for them as gifts will be also a good idea. Isn’t it?

If you are new to Taobao shopping, you may ask where and how to buy Game of Thrones cosplay products? The answer is definitely Taobao ( We suggest you use Chrome to translate to Taobao English page first if you do not know Chinese. If you use the Chinese version, then you can use the Chinese words “权利的游戏” or “冰与火之歌” to search. There are so many sellers on it, and you can find anything related to Game of Thrones. No matter who you want to cosplay, it can fullfill your request.

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How to Provide Costumes Size?

How to provide costumes size? how do I get suitable size? Could you please translate the size chart for me? These are common questions asked by our customers who buy custom sizing cosplay costumes from China Taobao.

This article will resolve your confusion and help you save time if you usually buy cosplay from Taobao costume store. Now, let’s begin.

General cosplay costumes

Usually, we can get costumes size chart on items web-page for reference, but the problem is that some Taobao sellers put size chart as a picture. As a result, it’s impossible for customers to translate even if they are on Taobao English page. 

Please don’t worry, it will be easier if you can learn and know the following Chinese characters.

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Taobao Cosplay Wigs Shopping Tips

Do you want to participate in Comic-con with extraordinary Taobao cosplay wigs? Do you want to play ACGN? Besides cosplay costume, cos-prop, and various cos accessory, cosplay wig is also an essential part in cos convention. Compared with other goods, wig is cheaper and easier for packing. As a result, there is no need to worry about damage during international shipping. However, off course, sometimes it is not perfect . So, our dear customers need to pay attention to the following tips when you buy Taobao cosplay wigs.

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What items are worth from taobao?

Many people like to buy from taobao due to it’s low price, but do you know what items are worth to buy, and what products are not worth to buy?

Generally speaking, products that are not heavy, and price also much lower than that in your country, are worth to buy from taobao. So even taking international shipping fee into consideration, full price is still lower than your country, then it’s worth. For example, women clothes, women shoes, men’s clothes, men’s shoes, cosplay, women bags, wigs are all such products. Especially the cosplay and wigs, they are not heavy and price on taobao is really competitive, so even you use fast shipping like EMS, total cost is still much more less than local cosplay, and the wigs quality is also not bad.

However, some items are not worth to buy internationally. The reasons may refer to the size, weight, and safety. For example, furniture, electronic products, books, cosmetics, earphones, and some dangerous products which are not safe to ship,like liquid, lighter or items which are magnetic. The furniture usually are very long and heavy, so some shipping company may not accept such long parcel, and international shipping fee also high due to the big weight. Another reason is it can be scratched easily during shipping. Electronic products are not very safe, and can be inspected in customs random checking and can be returned back to the sender easily. For books, though the price on taobao is really attracting, but the weight will make the shipping fee high. Anyhow, for some books that it’s hard to buy in your own country, then it’s also a good choice to buy from taobao, as it’s a online shopping platform covers everything in our life. The liquid, lighter and magnetic products are prohibit shipping.

Actually we suggest you check your country customs policy before shop from taobao and taobao agents, as each country has their own rule about the products that can be imported. If you buy the prohibited importing products by accident, then they may detained it or destroy it, which cause money loss to you.

Good wishes from 42agent.