Urgent notice about charge for returned parcels

Dear customers,

From July 22nd, 2022, the returned parcels of Eyoubao, EMS, SAL and Chinese Air will be invovled of a return parcel fee.

In the past years, China post parcels returned from Chinese customs didn’t charge any cost. We usually reship for free for our customers. But now a return parcel fee will be charged by the shipping company. On one hand, it is because of the continuous rise of fuel costs, on the other hand, because of a large number of prohibited products found in the parcels. So the China post side has to do something to control the prohibited products, sucn as liquid, battery, powder, magnet items, etc.

Due to this new policy from the shipping company, we are unable to reship for free for the parcels returned after July 22nd. We will quote the return parcel fee for you before we ship again your parcel. For Eyoubao parcels, the return parcel fee is 50% of your shipping cost and for EMS, SAL, Chinese Air, it is 10 CNY/ KG. We will reship the parcels after you pay the return parcel fee.

Here you can see the return parcel charge notification we got from the shipping company:

We have some suggestions to in avoid of your parcel returned:

  1. Not buy and ship prohibited items, such as contact lenses (liquid), powder and eye shadow (powder), earphone and night light (battery and magnet).
  2. Split in smaller parcels. Usually big parcels has larger return rate than smaller parcels and the big parcels return parcel fee is expensive than smaller parcels. So we suggest to split in smaller parcels to ship if possible.
  3. Don’t ship too many kinds of items in one parcel. Some customers like to combine a lot of orders and items into one parcel for shipping. Such parcels has bigger return risk, so we suggest not to ship many kinds of items in same parcel.

We do thanks for your kind understanding. Any questions please feel free to contact [email protected].



Volumetric weight is involved for parcels long than 40cm

Dear customers,

From June 1st, the shipping method EMS and Eyoubao will have volumetric weight involved for parcels which is long than 40cm(including 40cm). It charges on the bigger one between actual weight and volumetric weight. For example, the actual weight of your package is 2kg, and the dimesion is 40*35*25cm. Then EMS will charge on the volumetric weight 40*35*25/6000 = 5.83kg.

Here you can calculate in our website calculator: https://www.42agent.com/calculator.php . Any questions please feel free to contact [email protected].

Thanks so much for your kind understanding!



Some EMS Shipping Delay Cases

We usually say EMS shipping is very fast and reliable, but you know there is a saying in China “the weather is unpredictable”, so there can be any kind of delay during international shipping. It means not everything can be controlled. Recently we have several customers reported that their parcels were delayed, especially Australian customers. They are very upset and  worried the parcels were lost. However, after a series check from the post company, the parcels were delivered finally. So please don’t worry if you meet the same problem, you can just email us. We will open checking request from the post company and keep you update . In order to help you reduce anxieties during the waiting, I will share some parcel delayed cases.

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Practical Tips for You to Purchase Taobao Cosplay Prop

Are you a cosplay fan? If you are, you will be of much concerned about cosplay prop, as good accessory can bring you great experience. But how to find good quality one? Where to find? How to avoid some issues about them? Now we are happy to introduce some practical tips to help you get Taobao cosplay prop in good quality, cheap and safe to ship. Also finding so many kind of cosplay props in less sellers is really awesome, isn’t it? ^_^

As it’s known that cos props usually include mask, wings, wig, gun, knife, sword,etc. But in most cases, some customers usually have troubles with purchasing gun, knife, mask or sword, as their material is always so fragile and can be easy damaged during shipping. Sometimes the parcel will be returned back to us due to the item shape ( the items which shaped like a real gun is strictly checking by customs at present). In this case, it’s better to give up ordering items which shaped like a real gun and some very fragile items. The following listed cases are the customers always buy but always face issues:

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