Important Notes about Taobao Agent Payment Methods

When you prepare to do China online shopping with an agent, currency and Taobao agent payment methods are always first concerned. Right? Honestly, many of our customers have asked this problem, since the exchange rate has been floating. In this case, we just set a reasonable exchange rate as default on our website. Thus, there will be no currency concerns when you buy China items through our service. Furthermore, in order to pursue accuracy and fairness, we usually update it every month. ^_^

Besides currency, you need to pay special attention to Taobao agent payment methods. 42agent supports these main payment methods: 42agent Coin, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, WebMoney,  WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, etc. We highly recommend 42agent Coin, because it is easy to process and have no transaction fee. After you deposit money to your 42agent coin account, you can use them to pay for your orders directly. Really easy and convenient! Most of our customers use it as their main payment method.  If you have not used it before but want to try, please refer to this page What is 42agentCoin. ^_^

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Know Clearly about Refund and Debt for Your 42agent Order

When you submit an order with 42agent, do you know clearly how to calculate each refund and debt for Taobao order? Even if we will mark the refund or debt beside the item, some customers may still  feel confused. Since we have received message or email to ask how it’s calculated for several times, we will explain here for all of you.

We think it is necessary to introduce the 3 item status in the order first before we discuss the refund and debt.

You can see that there are 3 status under list of “Ava.”.

TaobaoRing-refund and debt

1.“Yes” means the item is available. This is familiar with everyone.

2.“No” means the item is out of stock . This usually happens when we confirm your order. If one item is out of stock when we confirmed with seller, we will click “No” and your 1st payment will not include cost of this item.

3.“No after paid” means you have paid for this item but it runs out of stock when we purchase it. Some clients may lose their head once see there are “no after paid” items in his order. In fact you do not need to worry at all, as you will not lose any money. At the same time we will write detail refund beside the item, and will also refund service fee for that item. You can see clearly when you click into the order.

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Deeply Analysis of Taobao Agent Fee

Did you ever use a Taobao agent for China shopping and are you clear about Taobao agent fee?

It can be confusing for some beginners, but the following picture will help you understand better, as most Taobao agent fee are in this format.


As above picture, our payment includes 2 parts: 1st payment and 2nd payment. Too many cost projects and still not very clear, right?

Well, let’s make a long story short and explain details for you.

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New function of User Balance

Dear friends,

As our business grows bigger and bigger, more and more wholesale customers join 42agent to shop from China online stores. Most of the customers are used to pay by Bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, ect. In order to save transaction fee, they usually combine orders or combine the purchase cost and international shipping when make payment.

In the past, we usually note these customers for details of each payment, refund and balance via email. However, this method is inconvenient for customers to know the balance fast in their account, also not easy to track back the detail latter. So, we developed a new function “User Balance” for our customers.

For orders which paid by Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer or WebMoney, if there is payment for consolidated orders, or have balance after an order is shipped, we will register each fee separately for our customers in the system. If you are one of customers who make payment via methods mentioned above, you can find the “User Balance” link on the “User Center” page. When you click in, you can check each detail deposit and balance here incurred after 21st March, 2017.

In addition, customers who opened 42agent Coin account can check all payment, refunds and recharge records on the “Coin Trade” page.

We also welcome you to try with 42agent Coin, it is a more convenient recharge and payment method. You can know more about 42agent  Coin from below page:

About Paypal orders, customers can check payment and refund in their own Paypal account. There is also description in our Payment Records page:

All our fees are public and transparent. At the same time, we will continue to provide all customers with best purchasing service. Hope you can support 42agent as always. 🙂