ShipForMe Service

When you use 42agent's ShipForMe service, you can place an order directly on the China online shopping website and send it to our warehouse. Each customer will see a different address, the following is the unique address generated for you.

Note that as of May 20, 2021, 42agent's warehouse address changed to:
北京市昌平区回龙观镇龙祥集团工业园 6 号院金仕侨 B 座 2 门 4 层 402 室
Basic Services
Check Items
Free Storage
3 Months  Tips
Service Fee
Minimum Service Fee
30 CNY
Value-added Services
Take Photos
Attach your Logo
Combine Orders
Split Order
Dispatch Items
5 CNY/Item  Tips
Ship For Me Key Steps
By grasping these 3 key elements, you can play around with the ShipForMe service.
1. Warehouse Address
2. Items Links
3. Tracking Numbers

1. Get 42agent's Warehouse Address

When you click the ShipForMe button, you'll be redirected to the ShipForMe Order page for a unique warehouse address. This address can be copied conveniently when you place an order from a Chinese e-commerce site. Make sure to use this address for the ShipForMe service so that we can receive your package. (Please do not share this address with anyone, and also please do not contact with us via this phone number for any order issue, as it is only for the logistics person or seller to contact us.)

2. Submit Items Links

In order for us to do accurate quality checking of your items, please be sure to submit all item links to your order one by one from the he ShipForMe Order page. This will guarantee that we receive all packages of what you buy.

3. Submit Tracking Numbers

When the sellers send your order, you can get your domestic tracking number from them. Please either submit the tracking number to the item notes or notify us in the order message. If the seller does not ship the item in time, we can help contact with seller for any problem negotiation if you have difficulty in Chinese language.

In order to avoid any international shipping delay, please check your shopping websites from time to time to make sure the sellers send your items in time. Each time we receive a package, we will mark it as received in your ShipForMe order, so if one package is sent by seller for many days but has not been marked, please contact with us soon via order message or email.

Ship For Me Tips

1. Free Storage Tips

Small Parcels
3 months
Large Parcels
2 weeks
Bulky Parcels
3 days

We offer 3 months free storage for small parcels under 30 x 40 x 50 cm. For parcels over this size we offer 2 weeks free storage only. Due to the high volume of our ShipForMe orders, if you have a large number of bulky parcels, we can only offer you 3 days free storage.

Due to the high rent in Beijing, we have limited storage space. If you have an order of more than 10 boxes, and each box is larger than 40 x 50 x 60 cm, please make sure to notify us in advance via order message or email. Let us arrange storage space in advance. Otherwise, your package runs the risk of being returned to the seller.

2. Dispatch Items Service

When you aim to buy the same product for different customers, you can take advantage of our Dispatch Items Service. For example, if you have three customers A, B, and C, and they purchase item X at the same time. When you buy from taobao or other website the seller may send all items in one parcel and you need us to dispatch to different customers. Then you can add note when you place ShipForMe order with us, you can note like this: move 5X to order A, 8X to order B, 10X to order C.

For such Dispatch Items Service we will charge a service fee of 5 CNY for each item assigned. In the example above, we will charge a service fee of 15 CNY.

Terms of Service

Before placing an order, please read this document and be aware of the items we are unable to ship for you. Items that we cannot purchase include: items that infringe on intellectual property rights, liquids, powders, items with batteries, etc. If you purchase these items directly and send them to our warehouse, we can only return them to the seller for you after we receive the package. You will be responsible for the loss of shipping costs within China.

In order to protect your rights as much as possible, please submit the item link through our page before you purchase and we will check for you first to confirm if it can be shipped. Once we find that the item cannot be shipped, we will notify you via message or email, then you can avoid the shipping loss mentioned above.

After we receive your item, we will provide you with photos and an unboxing video of the item, the purpose of which is for you to confirm that the seller has sent your purchase correctly. Please note that we have limited storage space on our server, so we regularly delete photos and videos. If you need to save them, please download the photos or videos and save them on your personal storage device before you pay for international shipping.

Because international shipping is much slower than usual during COVID-19, we cannot guarantee shipping timelines. In addition, international shipping rates have always changed frequently since the beginning of 2020, so please check our News page for shipping rate change notifications. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

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