Exchange rate calculator

Here is 42agent's omni exchange rate calculator. If you enter RMB, it will automatically convert to other foreign currencies. If you enter other foreign currencies, it will automatically convert to RMB. That's why we call it omni calculator. :)

Remarks on exchange rate calculator

We accept a variety of currencies for your convenience. Below are the exchange rates for different currencies.

  • 1 CNY = 0.162 USD
  • 1 CNY = 1.23 HKD
  • 1 CNY = 0.12 GBP
  • 1 CNY = 0.15 EUR
  • 1 CNY = 0.2 CAD
  • 1 CNY = 0.22 AUD
  • 1 CNY = 20.3 JPY
For more information on exchange rates, please refer to the FAQ on payment methods. If you are worried about exchange rate losses, we suggest you try opening a 42agent coin account. You can transfer money to your 42agent account in advance when you think the dollar exchange rate is high, then you can lock in the corresponding RMB amount and save the unnecessary costs.
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