Shipping methods

We’re in International business. Sometimes both of us hope the International shipping is just as simple as a pipe, we push boxes in one end, and you’ll receive at the other end.

But the reality is much more complicated. Sometimes you may consider a lot before choosing a suitable shipping method, it includes shipping price, delivery time, weight limit, limited items, customs duties, parcels forced return back,etc. Have no idea how to choose a shipping method? No worries please, we’re here for you.

We offer a variety of international shipping methods:

Shipping MethodSimple Introduction
EMSMeans Chinese EMS. Highly recommended.
Keywords: 40%-45% discount, 7-14 days, weight limit 30kg (66.14 lbs).
AirmailMeans Singapore Airmail.
Weight should be less than 2kg (4.41 lbs), the delivery time is about 15-40 days.
AirMeans Chinese Air.
Weight limit 20-30kg (44.09-66.14 lbs).
Shipping time is unstable, sometimes 1-2 months.
SALMeans Surface Air Lifted,
Weight limit 20-30kg (44.09-66.14 lbs), takes about 1-3 months to arrive.
DHLMeans Beijing DHL or HongKong DHL.
AramexTo most of the Middle East countries & regions.
eYouBaoSomeone also calls it E-packet.
Weight should be less than 2kg (4.41 lbs).
Delivery time is about 3-15 days.
FedexIt is a business express, the speed is fast, usually takes about 2-5 days for delivery.

Chinese EMS – The best cost-effective way of international delivery

Chinese EMS is the highly recommended shipping method for its fast, safe and reliable advantage. You can get a discount up to 40% off official EMS shipping rates. It usually takes 5-7 working days to reach most countries in Asia, Europe and America, 10-15 working days to Russia. During holidays, the delivery time will be longer than usual, and it differs from country to country.

Chinese EMS discount

We offer 30% discount off standard fee for parcels to USA. And for the other countries, parcels less than 5KG can get 40% discount off, and 45% off for parcels over 5KG. Let me make an example, parcel 6000g ship to Canada. You can see the Standard/Official EMS fee is 1,105 CNY. We give 45% discount off, so you only need to pay 1,105 * 0.55 = 6077.75 CNY / 92.99 USD finally (Assume that 1 CNY = 0.153 USD).

You can calculate the standard price from the official website of EMS China:

Move mouse to middle area “Calculate International EMS Rate”, then input destination country and parcel weight, select “Merchadise“, finally click “Lookup” and you can see the price then.

Postal parcels – cheap but slow


Eyoubao is a good choice for small parcels which is less than 2kg (4.41 lbs). It is the cheapest shipping method for small parcels and it is fast as EMS usually. Most times it takes about 3-20 days for delivery.

Chinese AIR

Chinese AIR is slower and cheaper than Chinese EMS. If you cannot use Singapore Airmail as the weight is more than 2kg (4.41 lbs), and you want a cheaper shipping then you can choose Chinese AIR. You may ask how about the speed? Um… it’s hard to say. Before the detailed discuss, this picture will be help a lot.


SAL means Surface Air Lifted. Headache? You can try to read it as: Sea, Air, and Lands, then it’s easy to understand.

Singapore Airmail

Singapore Airmail is the second cheap shipping method for small parcels. It also has weight limit of 2kg (4.41 lbs), and the sum of length, width and height cannot exceed 90 cm. But the delivering time is a little longer, usually 15-40 days to arrive at the destination. The parcel returning process (returned from the overseas) also takes a long time, sometimes even one year long.

Business express – expensive but fast


DHL(Beijing DHL) is even faster than HongKong DHL, however also expensive than HongKong DHL. If you are very urgent to receive the parcel and you don’t care about money then you can try with DHL. The delivery time is about 2-5 days.

HongKong DHL

HK DHL in most times is more expensive than EMS, but faster and more stable. It usually takes about 3-7 days to deliver. If you have some important items to ship or you want to receive the parcels before a clearly specified time, DHL is a good choice.

Attention please: DHL has volumetric weight, which means if the volumetric weight is heavier than real weight, DHL will charge based on the heavier one. For example, you have a parcel which real weight is 6kg (12.23 lbs) but the volumetric is 9.5kg (20.94 lbs), DHL will charge you as 9.5kg (20.94 lbs). Here is the volumetric weight calculation formula: Length * Width * Height / 5000.


Fedex is a business express, the shipping speed is fast, usually takes about 3-5 days for delivery. It has some limitation to some countries, you can also consult us in advance.


Aramex is fast, and shipping fee is also lower than EMS and DHL to middle east countries. But the security checking is very strict, some countries import needs a series of documents. You can consult us in advance if you want to have a try.

Countries that Aramex serves:

United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Botswana, Swaziland, Uganda, Tanzania, Lesotho, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Seychelles, Zambia, Algeria, Libya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia.