Problems you may encounter when shopping from China

§ Why do people like to buy items on Taobao?

“There are no items buyers can’t find, there are no items sellers can’t sell.” This may help explain everything. Besides, items on Taobao are really cheap, much cheaper than Ebay. Taobao now has become the most popular online marketplace for Chinese as well as overseas people.

§ Why I was told the item is out of stock while I can see the inventory record of Taobao shop?

For most taobao shops, their inventory records are not precise at all. They can write any records at will to attract customers. Besides, many sellers are agents of factories, who have large transaction volume every day, so these sellers do not have updated records. We confirm items not based on their inventory records, but ask them one by one, so that the potential inconvenience to you will be avoided.

§ Is there any product that I can’t buy?

In fact, you can buy almost all kinds of products from Taobao or any other Chinese online store, but we reserve the right to reject some products judged “at risk”, such as liquid, powder, battery, lighter or other dangerous products that prohibit international shipping. Please refer to our Which kind of items we can’t buy for you? page for a very detailed explanation.

§ Do you guarantee the quality of items I buy?

Sorry, we are not responsible for that since we do not sell products. We are only agent assisting you to buy and deliver the items. Thanks for your understanding. We will check color and size for you when we receive the items.

§ Why some of my products arrive at you fast, some take really long time?

Kinds of reasons contribute to this. Firstly, some sellers locates near to us, some are far away. Secondly, some sellers send order soon after our payment, some may need time to prepare for delivery or need time to get stock from factory as they may do not have stock at hands but will buy from factory after our payment. Thirdly, some items are pre-order ones. Fourthly, some clothes are made to measure, so it takes time for seller to make them. Fifth, in busy seasons, parcels may be delayed during domestic transit.

§ Why the item color I received is a little different from that on Taobao shop site?

Some Taobao sellers may use photo optimizer to make their site pictures more beautiful, lighter or darker, to draw attention from customers. Another reason is that some sellers may put authentic products pictures on their site, but they actually sell fake products, which may result in color difference or slight items difference.