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42agent Coin is the E-currency used to trade in 42agent website. You can deposit money and use it to pay your order directly, so that you save time and transaction charges. We will introduce you the details.

Create 42agent coin account

Step1: Sign in with your 42agent account. Click your username on the right top of the page.

Step2: The system will inform you if you haven’t coin account yet. Click “Create it”.

Step3: Setup a coin payment password.

Then, you have your coin account.

Add funds to 42agent coin

Step 1: Click “Transfer money to my account”.

Step 2: Input the amount you want to deposit, the currency is CNY (Yuan). For example, you can deposit 500 CNY or other amount, and click “Deposit”. Here we will use 500CNY as example.

Step 3: The system will create a special order for you, just confirm it, and click “Pay Now”.

Step 4: Make payment for this order (refer to the payment methods page).

Step 5: After we receive the payment, we will add funds to your coin account for you. And you can check your coin account balance.

Pay with 42agent coin

Step 1: When you need to pay your order, you can use your coin balance directly. Click “Orders ” on up left cornor of homepage into the order you want to pay, then click “Pay Now” and you will see all availbale payment methods, just choose the 42agent coin option, then input your payment password.

Step 2: If the payment password is correct, order status will be updated automatically.

You can check the balance from your user page then. Or review your coin account trades.


If the order that you purchase is out of stock after making 1st payment, we will refund payment to your coin account directly. You can check your coin trades.


You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account. Just click “Withdraw money to PayPal” from user page, then we will arrange for you. You can check the trade details about the money withdraw.


  • By default, we transfer the money to you through PayPal. However, due to the high commission of PayPal, for example, we send 100 USD to you through PayPal, and you can only receive about 96 USD. If you have a large amount of withdraw, we can transfer the money for you through bank transfer and other methods with a lower commission, and 42agent will bear the commission.
  • It will be arranged within 24 hours after receiving your request.

It’s very simple and convenient, isn’t it? Welcome to try our 42agent Coin system. 🙂