Reduce international shipping costs by combining orders for free

Do you still buy from different Chinese sites and ship multiple packages overseas separately? You may save a little on commission if purchase by yourself, but it costs far more than the saving on international shipping. Instead, purchase with 42agent can save a lot as we can bundle all your items in one package to ship.

Check examples for how much it saves if consolidate packages:

Customer A (from USA) purchased 5 orders.

1. Ship each parcel separately by EMS. It costs in total 189+234+279+144+369= 1215 CNY / 185.90 USD.

2. Consolidate all 5 orders to one parcel. The total weight is about 6450g (14.22 lbs), it costs 627CNY / 95.93 USD. It saves 50% almost!

How can I do package consolidation?

  • Add all your desired items to same order before you submit an order on 42agent website.
  • Submit different orders but send message to tell 42agent you want to combine all orders into one package for shipping.

42agent makes package consolidation for free

  • We don’t charge extra fee for package consolidation. We hope each customer can get their desired items at lowest cost.
  • Please don’t worry if some items arrive earlier and some takes longer time to arrive. We will hold the earlier arrived items until the rest arrive. We provide free storage for one year.
  • 42agent warehouse repack the items and remove unnecessary packaging to reduce package weight and save on shipping for you.

Can I ship some arrived items first instead of consolidating?

Of course you can. Some items may arrive in 3-5 days but some custom made ones may arrive in 1-3 months even though they are purchased on the same day. You can just email us if you want to ship something first. There is a glossary “Fork”, we will fork the arrived items to a new order and arrange shipment first. It is also fine to fork fast arrive items from different orders and then consolidate them in same package to ship. 🙂