TaobaoRing is upgraded to 42agent

Dear friends,

We are very excited to share with you this big news. TaobaoRing brand has been upgraded to 42agent recently! In the past, as a Taobao Agent, we provided shopping service for people from all countries around the world. Now, we not only can help you buy from Taobao, but also from varieties of Chinese online e-commerce websites, such as, etc. From these platforms, we help you get kinds of cheap & beautiful items.

Besides usual Taobao agent service, that we help you buy and ship to you. We also provide these personalized service. ShipForMe, which is a service that customers buy items by themselves and send to our warehouse, then use our cheap & reliable international shipping service. Dropshipping, which is a service that we ship to our wholesale customers’ clients directly. Factory Custom Service, which is a service we help to contact factory and ask for customized items for you. We also provide WeChat registration, group chat, WeChat Assistant Service, etc.

In view of many significant changes in our business, we feel necessary to upgrade our brand to reflect these changes. After careful consideration, we decided to call the new brand as 42agent.

What does our new brand name mean?

You can pronounce 42 as “For Two”, which has a special meaning for us. As an agency, we act between customers and sellers. We accept demands from our customers and convey to sellers. Meanwhile, we deliver the goods or services from sellers to customers completely. As a bridge, we exist for both of you.

42 is also an interesting number. If you search for “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” on Google, you will find the answer is 42. You may ask Why? This is an interesting question, derived from the famous science fiction “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which published by Douglas Adams in 1985.

If you’re not a science fiction fan, you may don’t know much about it. In a simply word, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate agency service, just like 42 implicates the same meaning.

Some changes after our brand upgrade

There will be some small changes to our customers, and we will try our best to minimize the difference. For customers who like our service, we hope you can continue to support us.

Firstly, the domain name of our website will change from to All the old links, for example the order links in your email will jump to the corresponding page of automatically. Your user name and password can continue to be used. Deposit in your coin account will not change. All orders, photos, coupons, messages and payment records remain. So please don’t worry, it will not cause any inconvenience to you.

Secondly, the interface of our website will have small changes. The Logo will change from 42agent to

All website pages will change to 42agent. Suffixes and signatures of our mailbox will also be updated to 42agent. Every email you receive will start with [42agent] .

What’s more, all our social platforms will be updated to 42agent. If you followed our Facebook and other social platform, please don’t forget to re-focus on our new home page. We are very appreciated for your support.

These changes will be updated on Dec 1st/2nd 2018 (this weekend). During the update, the service of our website may be suspended temporarily. Thanks for your kind understanding.

If you’re a new customer from Google searching, you may wonder, is this 42agent that everyone recommend? Yes, you are totally right! Just because now we’re renamed as 42agent.

Finally, please trust us, our team service and style of work are not changed. As always, we put our heart and soul to provide first-class shopping service. Looking forward to meeting you at 42agent!

Thanks again for your support!

42agent Team

November 30, 2018