Item status explanation

In this article I will explain to you the various states of the item.

Track item status in order confirmation stage

After customers submit an order, we will confirm whether items are available one by one with Taobao sellers. If items are in stock we will mark as “yes” in the “Ava.” column, otherwise mark as “no”. You can login in your 42agent account and click in the related order to check detail.

In this process, there are three kinds of availablity status :

pendingHasn’t been confirmed yet because the seller is off-line or not reply us yet
yesAvailable (marked with a green “Yes”)
noUnavailable (marked with a red “No”)

For some circumstance, the option/color you want is out of stock, we will mark is as “No” and leave message to ask whether you want the other option/color instead. You can message us to replace for you if you want the other instead, otherwise you can just ignore our message.

Track item status in order purchasing stage

When items arrived at our office, we will check them and marked it as “yes” in “Arr.” column, so that customers can check the arrival information in their account.

There are two kinds of arrival status here :

yesItem has arrived at our office(marked with a green “yes”)
noItem still on the way to our office(marked with a red “no”)
no after paidItem is out of stock after your payment
errorThe seller sent the wrong goods, we are contacting after-sales to solve the problem

If items are out of stock when we purchase the order, we will mark it as “no after paid” and register refund, at the same time we will sent you an email to inform out of stock. The refund usually will be deducted from your 2nd payment/international shipping. You can also email us to use refund to buy replaced items.