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Sgo***34 42agent 42agent membership [ 2018-11-03 12:07:14  |  42agent United States  United States ] 
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Thank you for your hard work #packaging up all the #books and material. It's so important because one of the packages was torn at the corner. Really appreciate your attention to details! Thanks!

Edison @42agent replied   [  2018-11-05 17:00:34  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Thank you for enjoying our service. We have very responsible packing staff to pack for you. Please rest assured and look forward to your next visit.
Bbk***zz 42agent 42agent membership [ 2017-03-15 14:17:14  |  42agent United States  United States ] 
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I want to thank everyone at TaoBaoRing for making this first order with you smooth. It was a large order of more than 370 pounds of #books that were purchased from many #taobao sellers. I was especially impressed when you contacted me after the shipment arrived at the freight forwarder and you let me know that my order was large enough to qualify for #cheaper pricing from #DHL which was a lot faster than #SAL as we originally planned. Everything arrived well #packed and in perfect condition. I will be back for more in the future!!!
Thanks again.

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2017-03-17 01:02:03  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Anyhow, it is really good experience between you and us. What you made us surprise is that you placed several orders together as new customer, thanks a lot. let's expect more sparks between us in near future. :D
Bbk***zz 42agent 42agent membership [ 2017-02-22 02:05:41  |  42agent United States  United States ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: ok
Wow! This came #fast. The #books were really well #packed. I'm very pleased with the order and the process. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting the rest of the order by #SAL once the last two items arrive at your shop.

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2017-02-27 03:10:15  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Hey, friend. About your following parcels, we will arrange shipping for you on Mondy. Anyhow, we do hope that we can build up long-term relationalship with you.
Curi****ycat 42agent 42agent membership [ 2013-11-20 16:43:38  |  42agent Australia  Australia ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: ok
Items from order misplaced by #taobao Ring and never shipped. #Taobao Ring denying it's they're fault and doing anything to refuse acknowledge it's their fault. Now I am missing 8 #books I cannot replace. Will never buy again and will discourage anyone else I can from doing so.

Sydney @42agent replied   [  2013-11-21 02:44:17  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Dear curiositycat, we are sorry about that your 8 books were missing, but we did put them into the parcel when we pack, and you can also see them on the picture we took, and we have also searched our warehouse but did not found them. Items loss happen sometimes during international shipping, as it may be lost when customs open your package to inspect. Could you please put all items back into the parcel to see if the weight is the same as we sent you after we pack? Is there any mark that the parcel was opened for inspection?

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42agent is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

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