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Youn****snik 42agent 42agent membership [ 2018-08-09 11:50:48  |  42agent Philippines  Philippines ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: ok
One item, fake boobs used for #cosplay or drag got taken out of my package and subject to return. #Fedex is being ridiculous. Use #EMS instead.

Frank @42agent replied   [  2018-08-10 15:06:15  ]  
1f48c Like these commercial expresses: Fedex or DHL, they are usually strict with the items; but for EMS, it doesn't have so many restrictions, and it's also fast, stable and reliable. So EMS is a highly recommended shipping method.
Youn****snik 42agent 42agent membership [ 2018-06-12 13:29:13  |  42agent Philippines  Philippines ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: ok
Got delayed by our country's custom... But all items are fine. If you are in a rush use #Fedex or #DHL. If you don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks extra due to slowness of #customs go for #EMS.

Frank @42agent replied   [  2018-06-12 22:25:53  ]  
1f48c Sorry to hear that you have received your parcel late this time, hope you'll get your items as quick as you can next time. :)
Youn****snik 42agent 42agent membership [ 2018-04-30 01:01:31  |  42agent Philippines  Philippines ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: star
No problems with TBR. But got a bit late because of #Fedex and #customs.

Frank @42agent replied   [  2018-05-03 22:38:32  ]  
1f48c Sorry to hear that, hope you can receive your parcel quickly next time. :)
Ma**i 42agent 42agent membership [ 2016-08-31 10:37:51  |  42agent Canada  Canada ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: heart
I don't know where to start off with this order because to be honest, I had problems with sellers from day one! However, as always, TaoBaoRing is wonderful and Purple handled everything and I had a huge deadline for this order. Everything came in time and unfortunately, some items did come broken and there was a problem with paint on another. I received appropriate refunds and everything was taken care of in a timely manner. I was very attached to having Sydney take care of my orders previously, but PurpleXu has built up a huge trust with me and I'm always anxious whenever anyone else handles my orders now! Wonderful service who was willing to use #Fedex to get my parcel to me on time because of Canada Post acting up! I love TBR, I wish there was a partnership with a Japanese shopping agent though! Oh well! Never has #taobao been easier to use and I don't ever see myself using another service. Nothing is more painless than TaoBaoRing.!

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2016-09-01 01:55:01  ]  
1f48c We are much obliged your message/feedback, and we do thanks for your help as well. Many thanks for your quick and detailed reply to us, and your patience always since building trust is a long journey.
From handling your first order until now, it has 2 months here. Yes, many troubles we met in fact, but we solved finally because of your kindly understanding and our related colleague. :)
let's try best to be better ourselves. Let's waiting for next cooperation and talking.

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