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Na**1 42agent 42agent membership [ 2019-08-24 03:34:44  |  42agent United States  United States ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: heart
Package came very safe. #EMS #shipping usually takes a week for me to receive and #DHL takes 3-5 days for me. I did EMS and package came in a week :)
Packed very securely, small items and fragile items have extra care. Very rare for items to break, I had small item cracked but it is okay. Can easily fix. Anyways, very satisfied with items and service! 42agent responds very #fast and are great help :)

Edison @42agent replied   [  2019-08-28 16:30:48  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Thank you for your tolerance and understanding, we will be more careful next time, I wish you a happy life.
Darwi*****dia 42agent 42agent membership [ 2017-07-01 19:46:29  |  42agent Venezuela  Venezuela ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: ok
What is the cost of #shipping to venezuela by express #DHL of 7 kilograms

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2017-07-02 21:04:02  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Wow, it is really good question. But sorry, since DHL cost depend on volume weight, it has to know final size of the parcel firstly. So, maybe you can mail us directly, and let us know the items you are interested in.
By the way, this tool for you, you can pre-calculate other shipping fee on our site here: http://www.taobaoring.com/calc.php
Aust****rner 42agent 42agent membership [ 2017-05-17 21:24:16  |  42agent Canada  Canada ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: like
Hey, just bought some shoes, wanted to say that your person working email comunication is doing a great job replying quick and well. I got the shoes through #EMS this time instead of #DHL and it was actually quicker, and #cheaper. The quality on the shoes are fire as fuck too. they're perfect.

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2017-05-23 00:15:23  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c After many troubles, we do glad to hear that the shoes has received by your side, and everything goes well. Communication is very important during the process, and we do appreciate your quick and detailed response always, and kindly understanding to us.
Hope we will do better and better.
Bbk***zz 42agent 42agent membership [ 2017-03-15 14:17:14  |  42agent United States  United States ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: like
I want to thank everyone at TaoBaoRing for making this first order with you smooth. It was a large order of more than 370 pounds of #books that were purchased from many #taobao sellers. I was especially impressed when you contacted me after the shipment arrived at the freight forwarder and you let me know that my order was large enough to qualify for #cheaper pricing from #DHL which was a lot faster than #SAL as we originally planned. Everything arrived well #packed and in perfect condition. I will be back for more in the future!!!
Thanks again.

Purplexu @42agent replied   [  2017-03-17 01:02:03  ]  
42agent Emoji 1f48c Anyhow, it is really good experience between you and us. What you made us surprise is that you placed several orders together as new customer, thanks a lot. let's expect more sparks between us in near future. :D
Stopi*****atime 42agent 42agent membership [ 2015-11-01 16:26:10  |  42agent Australia  Australia ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: like
TaobaoRing/42agent was amazing as usual~ Needed the #cosplay extra #quickly and they got it to me in record time, were very helpful with my questions as always~
The only thing is I would not recommend using #DHL if you live in a "rural" area, I had to pay extra #shipping so it could be shipped to my area (which I have done before with other shipping companies), but I still had to go pick it up outside of town which has never happened before and destroys the point of paying the extra to have it delivered to me.
but THIS IS NOT TaobaoRing/42agentS FAULT, they were superb <3
Jimdburt********.co.uk 42agent 42agent membership [ 2015-06-19 07:53:52  |  42agent United Kingdom  United Kingdom ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: fav
Great service. I bought motorcycle parts for my GZ125HS which are hard/impossible to get in the UK. #DHL was a bit more expensive but v quick and only a few pounds to pay on import duty. Thank you TaobaoRing/42agent
KeiWi*****ter 42agent 42agent membership [ 2014-11-29 11:33:29  |  42agent Mexico  Mexico ] 
42agent Review or rate for 42agent Taobao agent service: like
The items are perfect. the only problem was that due to #customs duties i needed to pay $35 usd extra becaose of a pair of boots and #DHL didn't tell me before. Anyway, the rest of the items were perfect!

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