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Maur****bs 42agent 42agent membership [ 2019-11-13 17:47:11   |  42agent India  India ] 
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Buying to #shipping all perfect..almost 1metre bubble wrap was used and #AIR packets for safety of the package

Edison @42agent replied   [  2019-11-15 17:25:38  ]  
1f48c Congratulate! We will do our best to ensure that your goods are not damaged, which is our duty.
Dez***ar 42agent 42agent membership [ 2015-02-07 15:35:59   |  42agent United States  United States ] 
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I ordered this through #AIR mail to save some money. To my surprise it took less time than I thought. Roughly around 2 weeks so you could imagine how happy I was!
Sa**a 42agent 42agent membership [ 2014-03-29 03:24:15   |  42agent Ukraine  Ukraine ] 
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Well, it’s my first order from China. You can’t go wrong with TaobaoRing/42agent!
Details: 7,9kg, 280 USD (200 for items/freight/commission and 80 for int'l shipping). Guys, Chinese #AIR took 5 days to Ukraine. 5 days!! =)
Despite 1 pair of shoes is in 8.5 US (instead of 9.0 as ordered), it does also work fine - even better than it would in correct length.
Definitely, no one could expect such a #fast service. Exceptional thanks to Rosalinda and Sydney - you have just got a new regular customer. Thank you, Дякую, Спасибо, Dziękuję, Danke =D
Cito****ca 42agent 42agent membership [ 2013-06-29 07:28:53   |  42agent Mexico  Mexico ] 
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This was my second order and it arrived so #fast, only took 14 days!!! eventhough I payed for #AIR Mail service instead of #EMS, everything came so perfect
Nek***han 42agent 42agent membership [ 2013-04-18 20:29:16   |  42agent Northern Ireland, Uk  Northern Ireland, Uk ] 
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My Order Arrived and I couldn't be more happier!!
Posted on the 9th April and arrived today (18th April) 9 days with Singapore Post #AIR Mail, I will be using again such service!!
The Seifuku and #wig are perfect and the sizing is just top notch, also got a free wig cap and a SHENGJIW 2 n 1 lipstick/eyeshadow pencil.
Super happy with the service and #communication, will definitely be using again in the near future for #cosplay items :D
Eug***k 42agent 42agent membership [ 2012-10-11 18:33:23   |  42agent Russia  Russia ] 
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Received another order for 22 days, it is a normal term for Russia, all #packaged neatly in the #AIR film, everything looks good. Parcel was with LEDs OSRAM chips, evening will be checking! Thank you!
Trav****te 42agent 42agent membership [ 2012-08-01 09:30:36   |  42agent Singapore  Singapore ] 
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According to the #taobao link below the price of Niteye Eye-40 flashlight ranges from
1643.40 - 1881.00 元
So, if I want to #purchase one piecs what should be the price? Also, if it is to deliver to Singapore by #AIR, say by #DHL, what should be the TOTAL costs? Can you give a breakdown in Singapore Dollar as below
1) Price of flashlight
2) Service charge
3) Air charge
4) any others
Best regards
Sim Wai Eng

Sydney @42agent replied   [  2012-08-01 19:31:15  ]  
1f48c Dear Sim Wai Eng, thanks for your questions. We have asked the seller about the details of the item, but he is not sure whether it available or not at this time, but will contact with the factory to check it. We will email you as soon as we get reply from him. :)

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