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Weight Estimation

Here we list some estimate weight of some items , you can have a refer when calculate shipping fee. We have to mention that it is only estimated weight according to our experience, different items may have different weight. So, the actual weight may have some difference, this is only for reference.

You can pre-calculate shipping fee on our calculator . If you still have no idea about the items you want to buy, then you can send us the item link, we will help to confirm with the seller.

Coat 1600g
Girdle 450g
Gloves 350g
Handbag 1200-1800g
Hat 250g
Jeans 500-750g
Men's shirt 750-900g
Purse 350g
Scarf 550-900g
Shirt 300g
Sport Shoes 1200-1800g
Sweater 400g
T-shirt 400g
Wind Coat 400g