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Some people are confused about that we say EMS parcels which more than 5kg can get 45% discount off standard EMS rate. Let me make an example, parcel 6000g ship to United States. You can see the Standard/Official EMS fee is 1,065¥. We give 45% discount off, so you only need to pay 1065 * 0.55 = 585.75 CNY / 89.62 USD finally (Assume that 1 CNY = 0.153 USD).

How to get EMS official cost?

Here is EMS official website for calculating:

Move mouse to middle area "Calculate International EMS Rate", then input destination country and parcel weight, select "Merchadise", finally click "Lookup" and you can see the price then.

Standard EMS cost: 6KG from China to United States

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