Why 42agent?

Before choosing a Taobao agent, the customers may consider a lot. Why they choose 42agent finally? In this article, we will tell you why it’s worth using our service.

42agent makes much effort on preparation work

In order to save working time, some Taobao agents may require to transfer an estimate amount, and after they purchase items will calculate actual fees and refund the extra. Some Taobao agents may have hidden fees, however you have no choice but to accept because you pay first before you know each fee clearly. But 42agent are different. We confirm each item that customers choose and update price before we send 1st payment invoice. In this case, customers can always check and know clearly for each fee before they pay for the order.

We have excellent order management system which can send message automatically to our related staff the moment when order is submitted. Then our related staff will begin to confirm with Taobao sellers at first time.

We confirm the items with Taobao sellers mainly via Ali wangwang, which is a chat tool like MSN. Our confirmation process mainly contains:

  • Confirm if the item is available, including size, color, item price as well as customers’ special remarks.Confirm if the item is available, including size, color, item price as well as customers’ special remarks.
  • Sometimes the Taobao sellers may be off-line, we will leave them a message, or look for their phone numbers, or come back for confirmation at another time.
  • If the item is out of stock, or the Taobao sellers are off-line all the time for several days, we will mark the item status as “no” and send customers “Our of stock” email. They can look for replaced items or sellers then.

When all items in an order are confirmed, we will send email to our customers, requesting the first payment. So customers pay exact amount for what they want, it is much simpler.

42agent website is stupid easy to use

  • Each of our website page is very easy to understand. We have guide for each step, even people who login 42agent for the 1st time can understand easily.
  • Provide ShipForMe only service. Customers can buy from Taobao by themselves and only use our shipping service. We will collect all items and ship in one parcel for them.
  • Support import of CSV file. No need to add items one by one to shopping cart when you buy a lot of items. The only thing you need to do is to send the CSV file to us, we will create order and confirm directly for you.

42agent featured service

Free photo taking before shipping

When all items for an order arrives at our office, we will check items carefully, take photos and tell customers about weight and international shipping fee. Some Taobao agents don’t provide photos for free or they take rough photos. However, 42agent considers that show customers photos before shipping is very important. In this way, customers can check their desired items before shipping, and if there is any problem we can solve before ship to them. It saves troubles for international item return and exchange. On the one hand, customers can get their desired items happily. On the other hand, it saves time and money for international after- sale problems.

Free storage for up to one year

Some customers may don’t have money temporarily to pay for shipping, we will store their packages safely in our warehouse. We can hold on for one year long and don’t charge any storage fee. Even if more than one year, we will contact customers first before discard.

What’s more, we support combing or splitting orders. Many customers require to combine different orders in one parcel to ship. In this case, they can save lots of international fee. There are some customers require to split order also. They may want to ship some urgent items first. We can demand any of their requirements, to make each customer has an easy and happy shopping experience with us.

42agent has professional staff for each flow

Professional service with fluent English. 

Our service staff have good English skills, they can communicate well with customers and understand their requirements accurately. You can get the most satisfactory answer in the shortest time.

Professional and carefully checking. 

Our checking staff are very carefully to check each item when we receive from Taobao sellers. They always can notice even if there is very small difference in the actual item compared with seller’s picture.

Professional packing. 

Our warehouse staff have professional packing experience. They always put much effort on each package and do their best to pack each item well.

Sometimes, some unexpected overweight may happen, which is really embarrassing. For example, if a customer wants to ship his parcel via EMS while the total weight is 6050g, then the EMS fee is calculated based on the weight of 6500g. Under this circumstances, our warehouse staff will do:

  • Replace the stuffing over and over again, trying to make the parcel as light as possible.
  • Take out the gifts from Taobao sellers, because these gifts have little value, but may be the key reason to overweight.
  • Remove unnecessary stuffing. For example, remove the paper board in the wig bag.
  • When all the above has been done, but nothing changed, we may email our customer, suggesting them buy more items, and we can combine his/her two orders and ship them together.
  • Or, if time permits, we will suggest our customer ship via airmail or Eyoubao for packages within 2kg, for the much cheaper shipping fee.

In a word, we pay attention to every detail and always put our customers’ interest at first place.