Weight Puzzle

Packing Material Introduction

The main material is showing in the photo. We will use different packing material according to your item.

42agent Pack Material Showing


Firstly of all, we will find a suitable box to hold all your items. In order to protect items from damage during international transportation, we will fill the carton with filling material if it is little larger. If we cannot find suitable box, we will cut down the box to suit your items. Different products will adopt packing method generally.

Pack with 2 boxes (high value / fragile items)

Pack With 2 Boxes

Filling with material (extra space)

Filling The Parcel With Different Material

Cut down the box (small items / cos-prop)

Cut Pack Box To Suitable Items

Box Showing After Cutting

Why 42agent weight is more than seller's page

1. Items Net Weight.

Weight shows on seller's page is usually net weight.

Items Weight Before Packing.

2. Items with Bubble Material.

42agent use bubble materail to wrap items.

Package Weight After Packing With Bubble Material

3. Weight Before Shipping

42agent puts the items in a suitable carton after wrap bubble.

Weight Of Parcel Before Shipping

4. Final Weight When Shipping

42agent wraps full of tape and pastes shipping label on package before shipping.

Weight Of Parcel When Shipping

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42agent is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

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