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Weight Estimation

Here we list weight of some items. But we have to mention that it is only estimated for reference base on our expereience. If you still have no idea about weight of items you are going to buy, you can mail us with the item link. We will help to confirm with the seller.

About international shipping fee pre-calculate, you can check on our shipping calculator.

Commodity Weight
Shirt280g / 0.62 lbs
T-shirt300g / 0.66 lbs
Sweater400g / 0.88 lbs
Coat800g / 1.76 lbs
Wind coat1500g / 3.31 lbs
Pants500g / 1.10 lbs
Lolita dress800g / 1.76 lbs
Costume800g / 1.76 lbs
Shoes850g / 1.87 lbs
Cos-boots1300g / 2.87 lbs
Hat250g / 0.55 lbs
Gloves350g / 0.77 lbs
Scarf200g / 0.44 lbs
Girdle200g / 0.44 lbs
Purse350g / 0.77 lbs
Handbag1500g / 3.31 lbs
Glasses150g / 0.33 lbs
Wig200g / 0.44 lbs
Plush toy400g / 0.88 lbs
Cell phone case70g / 0.15 lbs
Resistor30g / 0.07 lbs
Doll clothes60g / 0.13 lbs
Earring20g / 0.04 lbs
Model400g / 0.88 lbs
Socks90g / 0.20 lbs
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