42agent VIP and SVIP membership

Although we hope you place more and more orders, at the same time we are more comforted that each of your shopping with us is happy and satisfied. No matter your 1st order, or the 100th, or the 1000th, we always keep providing same high quality service. For 42agent, your satisfaction is always our highest pursuit.

Except the 5 levels membership, we have another 2 favorable levels: VIP and SVIP. The difference is:

Membership levelAchievement conditionBenefits
VIP100,000 CNY7% service fee
SVIP500,000 CNY6% service fee

Achievement condition means cumulative transaction amount.

VIP/SVIP can enjoy lower service fees than regular members. What’s more, we usually send more shopping coupons to VIP and SVIP customers. Some customers may not have enough trading amount to be a VIP or SVIP member currently. However, as long as you have enough budget and plan, you will get it.

For example, in the coming year you estimate to make 50,000 CNY or 200,000 CNY trading amount. You can tell us about your plan, your website or your previous shopping history, and we will adjust your commission fee accordingly. We sincerely welcome you to join 42agent’s membership club!

Well, that’s all, stupid easy, right? Wish you a happy Taobao shopping!