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As our business grows bigger and bigger, more and more drop shipping customers join 42agent to shop from China online stores. There is a headache for drop shipping customers that in most times even though order amount is small, however they still need to pay some unnecessary transaction fee each time making payment if use payment methods such as Bank transfer, Western Union and Money Gram. When buying 10 orders for their different customers, they need to pay 10 times transaction fee. It is really not worth. In order to help such drop shipping customers save money, we developed an useful function, which is named User Balance.

How does User Balance work?

First of all you need to transfer some money and deposit it here. And then you can begin to place orders, each time after getting your notification to purchase or ship an order, we will register each fee separately for you in our system. You can find the User Balance link on the User Center page. When you click in, you can check each detail deposit and balance here incurred after 21st March, 2017.

Below image is the User Balance detail page for reference:

User Balance

You can also choose to open an 42agent coin account, which is like a wallet, you can use money in your coin account to pay orders by yourself. It is also without transaction fee each time.

Why you say User Balance saves transaction fee?

Some customers prefer to make payment via Western Union, Bank transfer or Money Gram. Each time they have to pay about 5 USD- 15 USD commission even though their order amount is small. For example you need to pay for 10 orders, each order amount is 30 USD, each transfer commission is 10 USD. If you use above payment methods and pay 10 orders separately, the commission you need to pay in total is 10*10=100 USD. Your total order amount is only 30*10=300 USD, however your commission is 1/3 order amount. Don't you think the 100 USD commission is grievance´╝č

In this case, our new function User Balance will come in handy. You can transfer all amount of 10 orders which is 300 USD in one time, added commission you only need to pay 300+10=310 USD. It saves 90 USD! Amazing, right?

Can you buy for me first and I pay latter together with the international shipping?

Yes, as long as your order amount is less than 300cny. We can buy first for you without your payment and register debt to your User Balance, you can pay together with international shipping. We only support small amount orders to do this way, because we are small business, we don't have money to undertake the risk that we purchased for you first without your payment however you canceled the order finally. We need your kind understanding. Thanks.

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