How to Track My 42agent Order

More and more customers love to buy with 42agent because we have user-friendly order system, in which customers can check every detail of their item status, order status and parcel status after they submit orders. In this article we will introduce in detail how to track each status. After reading it, you may feel our website is stupid easy to use.

In order to show you how to track a 42agent order, we will explain each order status and item status in detail.

Order status

Before paying an order

There are 3 order status before you pay for a 42agent order :

order status before paying

Await user confirmation

It means you have added some items to your shopping cart on 42agent site, but have not submitted the order yet. On this stage, we can't see your order at back end. So it is very important to click "Submit order" once you add all items you want.

submit order sample

Await confirmation

It means you have submitted the order and are waiting for confirmation from 42agent. We will confirm item availability and your detail requirements with Taobao sellers and send you 1st payment invoice within 24 hours.

Await 1st payment

This status means we have already sent your 1st payment invoice which includes item cost+service fee+domestic shipping. The only thing you need to do is to pay the order.

After paying an order

After you pay the order, there are 4 order status :

order status after paying

Purchasing & Purchased

Purchasing. You have made 1st payment to 42agent, and is waiting for 42agent to buy the items.

Purchased. 42agent has already purchased the items and is waiting for the items' arrival.

Arrived & Await 2nd payment

All items under the same order have arrived at 42agent warehouse, we have checked items & uploaded photos & quoted shipping, and are waiting for your payment for international shipping.

Await Shipping

You have already paid for international shipping, and we will ship the parcel within 12 hours.


Parcel has been sent out from 42agent and you will get an email with tracking number. The only thing you need to do is waiting for the parcel arrival and getting your desired items. You can login your 42agent account to track the order at any time.

how to track an order

After click "tracking", you will see the order ID and tracking number in a new page, there you can track on the shipping company's website by just clicking the tracking number.

track my package

AttentionKind reminder

Here are some tracking websites for the main shipping methods used in 42agent:

Item status

Track item status in order confirmation stage

After customers submit an order, we will confirm whether items are available one by one with Taobao sellers. If items are in stock we will mark as "yes" in the "Ava." column, otherwise mark as "no". You can login in your 42agent account and click in the related order to check detail.

In this process, there are three kinds of availablity status :

pendingHasn't been confirmed yet because the seller is off-line or not reply us yet
yesAvailable(marked with a green "Yes")
noUnavailable(marked with a red "No")

items status before paying

For some circumstance, the option/color you want is out of stock, we will mark is as "No" and leave message to ask whether you want the other option/color instead. You can message us to replace for you if you want the other instead, otherwise you can just ignore our message.

Track item status in order purchasing stage

When items arrived at our office, we will check them and marked it as "yes" in "Arr." column, so that customers can check the arrival information in their account.

There are two kinds of arrival status here :

yesItem has arrived at our office(marked with a green "yes")
noItem still on the way to our office(marked with a red "no")
no after paidItem is out of stock after your payment

If items are out of stock when we purchase the order, we will mark it as "no after paid" and register refund, at the same time we will sent you an email to inform out of stock. The refund usually will be deducted from your 2nd payment/international shipping. You can also email us to use refund to buy replaced items.

order status after paying

Do you have an idea now for how to track your 42agent order? Please just feel free to contact if you still have any confusing. We are always here and gald to reply all your questions.

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