Shop For Me Pro

In general, our Shop For Me service is only available for customers to purchase standardized items, such as items with limited options of color, size, style, etc. Therefore, we charge about 8% for this service.

For certain custom items or items that require a lot of communication, you can choose our Shop For Me Pro service and we will have a more professional buying manager at your service. The service rate for Shop For Me Pro is 20% of the item price + domestic shipping, with a minimum service fee of 200 CNY per order.

What orders or products are eligible for Shop For Me Pro service?

  1. If you have more than 5 items with more than 3 questions per item.
  2. If your order contains only a small number of items but requires more than 8 communications with a single seller, the entire order will also be charged at Shop For Me Pro rates – you can save on service fees by pulling out items that require a lot of communication and placing them in a separate order.

Some orders may not anticipate the amount of communication needed in advance, so we may need to add an additional service fee to the international shipping cost – no doubt you will be informed of the cost in advance.

Some customers may add similar items from multiple sellers’ stores as a comparison and remove duplicate items once we have confirmed the item details. Please understand that even Shop For Me Pro does not offer a similar service at this time, due to our limited manpower and time.