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ShipForMe only Service

When you use 42agent ShipForMe service, you can choose if you need us to do quality checking and photo taking or not.

  1. If you only want us to collect all parcels and ship to you, service fee is 10CNY/KG.
  2. If you need us check goods quality and take photos, service fee is 15CNY/KG.

42agent ShipForMe order process

Get your unique ShipForMe address

Get your unique ShipForMe address information. Kind reminder that there are some items we can't ship, such as food, liquid, powder, battery, lighter, magnetic items or other dangerous products that prohibit international shipping.

Buy & send to 42agent

You buy from Taobao or other Chinese online stores, then ask sellers to send to our warehouse address.

Place order on 42agent site

After purchase,

a. If you do not need quality checking, please use a random Taobao link to place an order on our site and input your address, as well as chose an international shipping method.

b. If you need quality checking and photo taking, please use the items links that you buy to place an order on our site. Please input correct items info, such as color, quantity or any special request, then submit order. If you find time-consuming to place order with so many items, you can also provide us your Taobao account & password, so we can import your purchasing information to our system for item checking. Both are OK.

After you submit order, please leave a message in the order, telling it's ShipForMe service.

Pack & quote shipping

After wer receive your parcels, we will combine and pack. Then we send you invoice with shipping fee and commission. If you only need us to collect all parcels and ship to you, service fee is 10CNY/KG. If you also need quality checking and photo taking, service fee is 15CNY/KG. The shipping fee will be based on the package weight, shipping method you choose as well as your destination country.

Make payment

After you receive our invoice, please login to make payment on the order page.

Ship to you

Usually the parcel will be delivered to your door in 3-14 days. Anyhow, the international shipping time depends on which shipping method you use and where you have your parcel sent.

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42agent is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

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