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42agent service fee

How to calculate order service fee

Our service fee is 8% of the total items cost and domestic shipping fee (within China). Minimum service charge is 30 CNY. VIP and SVIP have a preferential rate of 7% and 6% respectively. We sometimes offer 4% or lower in holiday promotion.

Service Fee = (Item Cost + Domestic Shipping Fee) * 8%

Minimum service charge is 30 CNY

VIP / SVIP Membership

  • VIP: Cumulative transaction reaches RMB 100,000 enjoy 7% service fee.
  • SVIP: Cumulative transaction reaches RMB 500,000 enjoy 6% service fee.

How to Calculate Whole Order Fee

Clients usually pay twice for their orders. The first payment includes the total items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee. The second payment is for international shipping.

cost composition of your order

The domestic delivery fee ranges from 10 CNY to 30 CNY for the first 1kg, which depends on items' weight and the distance between sellers' location and our warehouse, so we set 15cny on average for the 1st KG and 10cny for each additional KG for highly efficiency in our order system.

Special Note

Besides fees mentioned above, there are two fees you should know:

  • PayPal transaction fee. 4.4% + 0.3 of total payment will be charged when order is paid via PayPal. This fee will not be charged if your order is paid via other payment methods.
  • Insurance fee. This fee is optional. Clients will pay 5% of all the cost (items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee + international shipping fee) if they want their packages insured. To get more information of the compensation for insured parcel, please visit Insurance on Parcel.

how to cal insurance fee

We are honest aobao agent, and only charges the fee mentioned above, but no hidden fee.

More fees explanation, please refer to Deeply Analysis of Taobao Agent Fee.

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