Risk remind for shopping on Xianyu

42agent only helps to buy from Xianyu/2taobao.com. We will not be responsible for any quality issues. Xianyu shopping is much more complicated than Taobao orders and most of the sellers are not professional at all. Please read our notes below carefully before you submit a Xianyu order.

  1. No Return or exchange Accepted. The rule of Xianyu platform is no return after purchase, as they are all used items, so all Xianyu sellers do not provide return and exchange service. Once you pay the order, it means you accept the clause, we don’t accept refund requests for any reason or form.
  2. Risks. Most items sold on Xianyu are used and not monitored by a third party. The sellers may send different items or low quality items. If that happens we will try our best to help you get money back, but we can’t guarantee anything to you. You have to be responsible for any possible loss if we can’t get money back.
  3. We do Not accept Paypal for Xianyu order which is more than 700CNY (about 100 USD). We suggest you not buy high value items from Xianyu. However, if you insist to buy, we will help but do not accept Paypal. You can pay via Western Union, Bank Transfer, Alipay or WeChat.
  4. No quality control on the items. We will only check color, style and size when it arrives at our warehouse, but we are not professional to do quality checking, you will be responsible for any possible loss.

Please read the rules above carefully before you buy from Xianyu. Thanks.

Note: Due to the shortage of manpower and the huge workload of Xianyu orders, we will increase the service fee for Xianyu orders by 12% from June 1, 2020, please refer to the news: Commission Rate Adjusted for Xianyu Orders.