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Due to restrictions on the number of Western Union payments, we are currently closing Western Union payment method for the time being. You can pay by bank transfer instead of Western Union. If you have a payment over $2,000 that must be made by Western Union, you can leave a separate message in your order and we will give you the Western Union payee information.

Also, for customers who have successfully paid with Western Union in the past, please note that the previous Western Union payee is no longer able to receive new payments. If you continue to make payments to their account, we will not able to receive your transfer and you will lose approximately $15-30 in transfer fees.

Special notice for Western Union

  1. We ONLY accept USD for Western Union payment.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT set fixed exchange rate when you pay, or we can not withdraw the payment.
  3. After you have sent money to the above Western Union account, please send us your payment information as soon as possible for confirmation. Your payment information includes:

  • Amount
  • Country
  • Sender’s first name / last name
  • MTCN (10 numbers only)

Western Union transfer charges (Cost is a little different in different countries and regions) :

Amount (USD)Charges (USD)
0.01 – 500.0015
500.01 – 1000.0020
2000.01 – 5000.0030
5000.01 – 7500.0040

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