Limited items in international ship

Have no idea on which items can not be shipped internationally? We list most of the banned items on this page, so you can have a look and discard such items before you pay an order.

  • Liquid: such as makeup toner, wig care solution
  • Battery items: such as cell phone, computer, shiny cos-props with built-in battery
  • Items with magnetism
  • powder
  • Power bank
  • Gun shape items, even if it is just a toy
  • Products with motor inside
  • Big size items which has one side longer than 120cm. Such as furniture or long sword.
  • Poisonous substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Gasoline, diesel or other fuels
  • Self-balancing boards (hoverboards)
  • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical
  • Tear gas, mace & pepper spray
  • Live or dead animals or insects
  • Gambling devices & accessories
  • Food

Above items are which we can’t ship legally due to customs laws and delivery company or airline restrictions. Banned items can vary depending on which country you will ship to, you can check your country’s related laws or customs rules by yourself.