Letter to Taobao English buyer 2018

In December of this year, we upgraded our brand from TaobaoRing to 42agent, Then there are customers wondered if we were acquired. The answer is no, and we are very happy that our customers care about our prospects.

If a venture capitalist or a listed company (such as Taobao’s parent company Alibaba) acquires 42agent, we will be very happy. However in fact, 42agent did not get any investment. Capital is always greedy, VC expects to invest 1 yuan and earn 100 yuan. Even if 95 of the 100 projects fail, but each project has a possibility of getting a hundred times return. However, 42agent can’t give venture capitalists the expectation of a hundred times return.

42agent operates a small business. We help foreign people buy cheap and beautiful goods from China Taobao. We only have very low profits and the company’s profits are mainly used to pay rent, salary, IT services, also including buy shelves, office equipment, packing materials, etc. We don’t have money to make advertisements and pay Google Adsense, even if recruit new staff is also difficult for us because China’s labor costs are rising year by year. We can only pay the industry average wages, which does not seem to be attractive. Fortunately our team is very stable, 42agent has been established for 7 years, and average working time of our team members is more than 4 years.

At the same time, we are also facing many fierce competition and risks. For example, customers may buy directly from Amazon.com, eBay, AliExpess, etc. Even on Taobao, more and more sellers support shipping abroad directly. So what is the meaning of 42agent’s existence? We have also seriously considered the value of us.

Customer trust is the driving force of 42agent

Each time we see customers’ comments, feedback, and various reviews on the Internet, we can always find the reason for sticking to, that is, customer trust.

We have a page that collects customer reviews, and the Feedback/Review page has more customer feedback. Many times, our customers praise us so well that we even can’t believe. Sometimes we feel uneasy because we think that our customers’ evaluations are higher than our own judge. In life, we are just insignificant common people. However, when we see these enthusiastic praises, we can’t help feeling that we are quite amazing.

We are always pursuing to do better, but in fact, we are still limited by funds and short of hands. Especially, the business model fundamentally determines that many things in the whole order process are not under our control, such as the seller’s delivery time, product quality, and express delivery.

We have also received negative reviews but we never ask customers to modify or delete them. Even if we can hide these negative reviews by ourselves, we never do that. Under this situation, usually our team will gather, analyze the customer feedback, and think about the solution seriously. Finally, we can always figure out good way to make our customer satisfied.

The only thing we worry about is that one day customer no longer needs us, or they just leave us quietly because they are unsatisfied with our service. So, we work diligently every day and hope to create maximum value for every customer. What we strive to do is to make each customer feel like their first time using our service no matter this is their 100th or 1000th order.

Business principles of 42agent

42agent follows some basic business principles, which we have been following since the first day we established. Simply, there are three most important ones.

Firstly, customer interests are put at first place. We will never sacrifice the interests of our customers for immediate benefit. Regardless of the seller or the shipping company, we try our best to save costs for our customers. If there are any losses, we will do our best to make up for them. We know very well that we can only survive if our customers are satisfied. We expect wholesale customers’ business to grow bigger and bigger, because only if you continue to make profits, we will have the opportunity to grow stronger.

Secondly, never reveal customer information. No matter your username, password, email address, or address, zip code, or phone number, we will not disclose or sell it to anyone no matter it worths 100 yuan or 1 million yuan. We protect our customers’ information just like protecting our bank cards.

Thirdly, make money in a bright and honest way. We try to make the website as easy as possible, from the logic to the operation interface, without any hidden costs. You can always know where every penny goes before the first payment. We also provide an online calculator, so that you can estimate the international shipping cost in advance.

Always the first day

The business world is changing so fast and temptation is everywhere. 42agent will keep the initial heart, keep our duty in mind, and do a good job in Taobao purchasing service.

We do hope that you enjoy our service and support us as always. If you have had shopping experience with 42agent, we look forward to hear your story with us. Whether email us or leave a message on the Feedback page, or share this article on your social platform, all are very welcome. If you can share photos and videos on your personal homepage, blog, Facebook or Twitter, or any social media platform, please just let us know and there are lots of coupons waiting for you to collect. Wish you happy every day!

42agent Team

18 December, 2018